Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pipol Power Institute

Pipol Power Institute is reserving two slots for anyone from BLOGGERS 4 In order to register, please input your full name, blog URL and email address at the comment box below. The two bloggers shall be notified through this blog post and via email.

The Pipol Power Institute (PPI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the full realization of People Power in the national life and in the international arena. It endeavors to channel the voices and actions of the humblest of citizens. Seeking to programmatically understand what these voices and actions are expressing to the leadership of the land, the PPI takes up the task of safeguarding and circulating the peoples’ narratives, ensuring that the spirit of People Power remains alive in communities around the Philippines through a multiplicity of means.

CHAIRMAN: Jim Paredes
PRESIDENT: Garth Noel Tolentino
TREASURER: Ruby G. Alcantara

Ruby G. Alcantara
Kay S. Bunagan
Steven T. Cua
Ma. Theresa C. Lorenz
Esther M. Pacheco
Mae P. Paner
Jim Paredes
Garth Noel Tolentino
Marian Pastor Roces

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