Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pipolwering the "Diwa ng Pipol Power" Logo: Call for Entries

The Pipol Power Institute wishes to “pipolpower” the logo design for the Diwa ng Pipol Power recognition project.

The current logo of Pipol Power Institute
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Seeking to recognize, affirm, and enable people power projects all over the Philippines, the Diwa project begins where it should: starting with a logo created by a people power devotee. The jury selecting the logo to be adopted by the Institute will also be composed of people power proponents from a number of sectors.

Below are the mechanics for proposing a logo:

1. All Filipinos and Philippines-descended citizens/residents of countries other than the Philippines may propose a logo design.

2. Each participant may submit ONLY ONE logo proposal.

3. The logo must INTERPRET AND INCLUDE the theme. Please click here to view the Diwa ng Pipol Power Concept Paper for more information.

4. The design may be done by free-hand rendered in markers, ink, pastel, watercolor, oil or acrylic, or by computer or both free-hand and computer, as long as it will be submitted in a high resolution .jpeg file. There are no restrictions on the number of colors used.

5. The logo should not carry the name or the signature of the artist.

6. The design of the logo must be certified original and/or officially submitted by the participant. Any complaints that may arise due to similarities, likeness, or comparison of the design, the participant will be responsible to prove its authenticity. Under no circumstances will the Pipol Power Institute Inc. (PPII) be held liable for fraudulent submissions.

7. Proponent must fill out an online application form disclosing the artist’s full name, contact details, and the rationale for the logo proposal. This online application form shall be made available through the Pipol Power Institute’s Facebook page or accessed HERE:

8. Entries will be accepted from March 12 to 31, 2012. Logo entries should be submitted in digital form (.jpg file). File resolution should be 300dpi and file size should be no greater than 3MB.

9. The logo proposal that will be adopted by the Diwa will be that which:


      b. Captures the idea of courageously and independently taking a stand to uplift life          for a Filipino community

      c. Will not need any explanation to understand

              i. Projects the force of multitudes

              ii. Projects creative expression of socio-political change

10. The logo to be adopted as official by the Diwa project will be announced on April 9, 2012. The successful proponent will be informed through email or will be called by the PPI Staff, and shall receive a cash prize of Php15,000.00 plus a plaque of recognition. Other publicity efforts may also be undertaken by the PPII.

11. PPII has the right to use any or all of the selected logo design(s) in all print, digital, video, and other media, including but not exclusively in brochures, leaflets, posters, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth. The name of the designer(s) shall be duly acknowledged.

12. All proposed logo designs shall be considered the property of PPII, which will nonetheless use these other designs only with permission of the designer(s).

For further inquiries, you may call (02) 433-87-88 or e-mail
and look for Niña Terol-Zialcita, PPI Executive Director.

To know more about Pipol Power Institute, you may view this online document.

To read about the Pipol Power Institute's Kainan sa Binalot where the Pipolpowering the "Diwa ng People Power" Logo was launched, please click here.

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