Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2012 Writing Project

  1. This blog evolved from being a child-advocate to being an advocate of other causes such as women and the environment. I am personally looking forward to seeing more posts from this site and witness how the blogger will change lives of her fellow Filipinos through her works and writings.
  2. I am very impressed on how specific is the niche that this blog chose to focus on. The blog's advocacy is to be the online marketing arm for small and medium businesses, maybe even for the micro-entrepreneurs, who doesn't have much voice in the online world. The blogger chooses unique products and services by small and medium businesses and blogs about them.
  3. The purpose of this blog is to unite the many Filipino bloggers all around the world. I am looking forward to seeing more about this group and the initiatives that will carry out in the future in order to promote camaraderie among Filipino bloggers.
  4. This blog's promise is to become a source of honest and truthful reviews of products and services that cater to the Filipinos. I am looking forward to more of her impartial assessments about different products and services and how she'll be able to successfully differentiate her blog from other review blogs.
  5. Gadget Gambit is one of the newest technology blogs in town that features different cool gadgets geeks are crazy about!
  6. SittiCates Loves Stories is a blog about authors and their books. I love reading so I'm voting for this influential blog.
  7. Regin's Travels is really cool travel blog by Regin Reyno. This guy had been to Europe and Southeast Asia and what can be more interesting than to read from someone who have reached these places.
  8. Nognog In The City is an urban adventure blog. Yes! Adventures also abound in the city. I'm reading this blog because I've always been a city guy and I know that I don't need to go out of town just to have an adventure.
  9. A Pensive Peanut is a must-read for marketing and social media enthusiast like me!
  10. The first time I went to Davao, I remember its profound sense of beauty and peacefulness. Given a chance, I'll go back there again and bring as many mangosteens with me to Manila. Kudos to this blog!