Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Blogger Apprentice

Top 3 Blogger Apprentices. It was a sheer moment of happiness to be declared as one of the 2011 Official Blogger Apprentices of Blogger Manila for 2011. The Blogger Apprentice is a program created by Jonel Uy of Blogger Manila that chooses newbie bloggers to be a part of the core group of the Blogger Manila network. Part of the perks of being a Blogger Apprentice is to get exclusive invites to some blogging events and to receive mentorship from none other than Mr. Blogger Manila himself, Mr. Jonel Uy.

Sleek Toiletry Bag (Traveler's Edition)

So what are you gonna do this long weekend huh? I’m sure some of you will go on a travel- either solo backpacking or excursion with family or friends. Whenever we travel, of course, aside from our clothes our toiletry bag is another thing we can’t afford to forget. It sucks sometimes when we discover that some of the stuffs that should be inside our toiletry bags were missing. We will be forced to buy in a nearby store or worse- borrow from someone else!

Here’s a sleek peek to my own personal toiletry bag whenever I travel. Hope you can share your own “What’s inside my toiletry bag?” blog too.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Big Little Store at Gilmore

The Big Little Store. Whenever I am looking for something that has to do with computers, it’s always “Gilmore” that comes into mind first. It was just a quick LRT ride away from home- to my convenience. One day, I went there to have my old laptop checked-up and fixed. It was the laptop that became my bestfriend when I was studying in China. All of my files and pictures during my stay there were all stored in that laptop. And so it was to my great horror that, one day, the old laptop just suddenly failed to work.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Winning for inWrite

The Happiness. It's like experiencing Algarve Holidays for free! Early this morning, Mr. Joel Baluyot of inWrite messaged me via Facebook to declare me as the winner of the BlogReading contest they organized very recently. Yehey! SLEEK IN THE’s entry competed with other blogs for a chance to win a cash prize via PayPal. To see the list of other entries, please visit inWrite's Facebook Fanpage.