Sunday, April 3, 2011


I am sharing a little something to you that I hope you'd enjoy.  I did a cover for a beautiful song by Brian McKnight and I recorded it in a studio. This has been a very memorable cover for me. I thought my friends liked it and I hope you'll appreciate it too. Please check this out for a while and let me know what you think.

The song is called Win.


  1. Wow! You are good! Are you professional singer moonlighting as a blogger? :)

    Seriously, you are good!

    And you play the guitar, right? You mentioned putting tabs in your post. I play the guitar too, but my son plays better. I don't do tabs haha...

    If it isn't a bother, can you give me some info on the studio (name, address, rates, etc.) Looking for one to record my original compositions.

    I'm really sorry, Mark. I got carried away again in the comments. But honestly, you're good. If you are not yet a professional singer (i.e. making a living out of it), you should seriously give it a thought :)

    Good luck and see you 'round

  2. Thanks Sir Roy! Very generous comments. I guess I just really love to sing. I sing Brian McKnight and Babyface songs. I don't play the guitar. But I wish! Oh by the way, I'll contact my friend who created a make-shift studio. He has a band and they recorded their music there. Publico is the name of their band. Again thanks for the wonderful comments! Looking forward to hear your original compositions! :)