Thursday, April 14, 2011

My first gig on TV is about fashion!

I worked for a Manila-based men's clothing brand for about four months after arriving from Shanghai last July 2010. Shanghai, the top-of-the-mind China destination of foreigners due to its "western" appeal and where schools teaching Madarin Chinese to foreigners abound, the city also is a fashion hub where many different styles may be taken inspiration from. There are Korean, Japanese, Italian, French, English and Australian students anywhere wearing stylish clothes for all seasons.

That's when I decided to get a bit of fashion (for career) when I went back to the Philippines. I was a Fashion Intern who did some Marketing for Dean & Trent. I enjoyed looking at the clothes a lot- from its conceptualization to materialization. From simply being drawn on a paper to being created out of fabrics, buttons and threads. I also enjoyed the photo shoots, the styling, the fashion shows, the managing of the store operations and the nitty-gritty of making the brand known to more people.

I may be in a industry now (my internship ended) but I still can say that fashion never left me. It's just simply a way of life.

I am sharing these two videos from Net 25's morning show, Homepage, where I was given the chance to share my ideas in finding one's own Personal Style and some fashion advises for men who are plus-sized. Thanks, Dean & Trent and Net 25, for this wonderful opportunity!

My first gig on TV!

Homepage Segment 1: Finding your own Personal Style

Homepage Segment 4: Fashion Tips for Plus-sized Men

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