Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where to find the best Jollijeep Sisig in Makati?

There's a famous Jollijeep in Rada St. that students and Makati employees used to crowd on during lunchtimes.

Oh this wasn't crowded yet. Which was good for me! That means that day I was able to finally see what these people are looking at.

This was really funny because I found myself ordering the famous Jollijeep's specialty too!

My glorified claiming stub! Did you see? Did you see? I'm Number 47.

After the long long wait.



The Sisig wasn't really a Wow! but it smells good and I enjoyed it for lunch. Will definitely go for it again when I'm luckier than being Number 47 next time.

So where's your favorite Sisig located?


  1. bakit jollijeep ang pangalan instead of mere rolling store???

    jollibee ba ang may ari

  2. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous! I think nakuha nila ang name na yan kasi these stalls started in jeepneys. Kumbaga they converted the ordinary jeepneys into kainans during lunchtimes at kapag ubos na saka nila isasara and then go! As for the "Jolli" part, I think kasi Jollibee is the most popular fastfood chain na kilala that time. :)

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  4. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous! Hey! I'd like to know your name. Next time, please state it know so I would know you weren't a spambot. :)

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  5. I also love sisig located at the back of BPI Main Branch. I just don't know if it tastes the same.

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  6. Grabe haba ng pilaaaaaaa !!!
    Hahahaha, anun drugs an nilagay nla dyan sa sisig na yaaaaaan !!!