Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Anak Ka ng Siomai House! + Where do you buy your favorite siomai?

This is a tribute to one of the best-tasting siomai's I've ever tasted in the planet!

At first, I don't understand why so many people are so willing to herd in front of this small stall at almost every LRT and MRT Stations in Metro Manila. 

Until I tasted this.

Anak ng Siomai House!

Undoubtedly my favorite siomai of all time. Available at almost every LRT and MRT stations in the metro. Shrimp and beef flavored. Four pieces for PhP25! Soy sauce and garlic-chili sauce dip to match its chunkiness and tastiness. Love love love at every bite!

So where's your favorite siomai located?


  1. Yum! My fave siomai, too! Plus lotsa chili-garlic sauce... *drool. Perfect with their gulaman, too.

  2. I love siomai!!! I'm also curious as to why these stalls have tons of patrons but never really did try it.

    Masubukan nga when I get back in Manila. I have yet to find my favorite siomai.

  3. These stalls sell really cheap good siomai that's why they're popular.

    Personally, the best siomai are of course, those served in Chinese restaurants in Binondo.

    But since I can't go there anytime I'm craving for siomai - my next choice has always been Hen Lin.

    They have the best chili-garlic sauce and their siomai is the closest thing I've tasted to the Binondo siomai. :D

  4. The best siomai for our family is from Luck Seafood restaurant located at the cor. of Kanlaon and Quezon Ave.. They have 3 kind of siomai,the regular the shrimp siomai (wherein a whole shrimp is stuff in the middle and the beef siomai. All are in jumbo size and serve with the chinese Chili sauce

  5. @Fitz

    Sir Fitz! Whoa! Stumbled upon my blog. Thanks! Wow. Ma-try nga ang Hen Lin one of these days. :)

  6. @marge888

    Hi Marge! Thanks for suggestin'! Now I'm really curious how does a jumbo siomai look like. Luck Seafood! Hanapin namin 'to next time! :)

  7. @rengieann

    Yey! Found another fan here like. Thanks rengieann! :)

  8. I'm also an avid fanatic of Siomai House. The first time I went in the Philippines. I came across on one of their stalls at SM North and I would agree that their siomai are the best tasting of all siomai!