Wednesday, January 4, 2012

5 More Juicy Reasons to Revisit Baguio

Baguio is called the "Summer Capital of the Philippines". But regardless of the season it is still is one of my favorite cities to revisit again and again. In my recent trip to the city, I found five reasons for anyone to visit (or revisit) it. Enjoy!


1. Ukay-Ukay. Baguio City is the Ukay-Ukay Capital of the Philippines. It is said that the first Ukay-Ukay stores appeared in Baguio City. Coming from the word “hukay” meaning to dig, Ukay-Ukay shoppers dig deep upon layers and layers of shirts, jackets, hoodies, cardigans and etc. in order to search for the best item that they can find. Today, Ukay-Ukay stores are not only for shoppers who are looking for some thrifty finds and pre-loved items. Even fashionistos and fashionistas alike visit Ukay-Ukay stores to look for stylish and hard-to-find stuffs for less.

BCC's Raisin Bread

2. BCC’s Infamous Raisin Bread. Baguio Country Club is the historical clubhouse which was once known as the “Paradise of the Cordilleras”. On your next visit to Baguio, pass by BCC and get a pack of their house specialty- the Raisin Bread. At first, it may just look like an ordinary bread with some raisins inside. But once you tasted it, you’ll know how it became BCC’s Infamous Raisin Bread that Baguio visitors rave about. It's tasty and yummy! Don’t dare leave Baguio without this pasalubong!

Ube Jam

3. Good Shepherd’s Ube Jam. Much has been said (and blogged) about this legendary Ube Jam made by the benevolent nuns of the Good Shepherd convent. This rich-textured and gloriously delicious Ube Jam- along with the other products of the Good Shepherd nuns- is not only a grace for the taste buds but also for the soul. The congregation employs poor girls from Cordillera in exchange of sending them to school. So for every jar of Ube Jam, Strawberry Jam or Peanut Brittle that you buy, you help the congregation's advocacy for the poor girls from Cordillera.

Sagada oranges

4. Sagada Oranges. I never really liked oranges. And when talking about Baguio, only one fruit comes into my mind. (I bet you know that it's strawberry.) But when I saw these round cuties glowing like light bulbs in the middle of the sunny but cool afternoon in Baguio, I went closer and asked the vendor about it. Sagada Oranges. Four pieces for one-hundred pesos. Not cheap but I bought four to give it a shot. After all, it’s orange from the Philippines and it's rare. The verdict? It’s the sweetest and the juiciest orange I’ve ever tasted. No kidding! Aside from the fact that I’m proud they are being grown in our own Philippine soil, we can be assured that these oranges are not waxed- unlike the ones being exported from other countries. Talk about orange peels perfect for marmalade, right?


5. PhP25.00 Taxi Flagdown Rate. Worried about your fare within the city? Not in Baguio! In here, all taxi rides start from PhP25.00 so it’s budget-friendly and perfect for backpack travelers. Although most of the taxis in Baguio are Tamaraw FX’s there’s not much worry about the convenience of the ride because the Baguio air is cooler compared to Manila's and fresher due to the presence of the pine trees all over the city.

So there you have it- our Top 5 Juicy Reasons to Revisit Baguio! I’m sure you have more reasons in mind to see the city again and again, so feel free to place a comment below and add your thoughts! Thanks for readin’!


  1. Kewl! I'll definitely going back to Baguio. :)
    ummm... it seems that you forgot the strawberries, silverwares and the Tam-awan village... :P

  2. Hello Filibini! Yes!!! I knew the reasons to revisit Baguio can't all be squeezed in to just 5 items. (At this point, I renamed my blog to "5 More Reasons...") Indeed, there are more reasons to revisit Baguio. When I go back there I'll make sure it's the seasons for s'berries and I'll look for those silverwares and Tamawan village you mentioned. Thanks for visiting!