Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ang Kayamanan ni Ka Paeng and the Intramuros Visual Artist's Group

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Ang Kayamanan ni Aling Cela. I saw this painting way back when I was still the small wide-eyed wonder kid who's fascinated with colors and illustrations. This painting started my fascination with the arts and I hoped that one day I will be able to see its creator- renowned hand painter from Rizal, Maestro Rafael "Ka Paeng" Pacheco.

Last November 25, 2011, my wish was granted. I saw Ka Paeng during the establishment of the Intramuros Visual Artist's Group (IVA) in one of the chambers in Intramuros Manila. Ka Paeng was not anymore at his best health but he still continues to paint very good pictures using his fingers. Take a look at this one.

Rafael Pacheco with his Koi painting
It's a beautiful painting of Koi fishes and this, along with the works of the other Lakeshore Artists from Rizal Province, was exhibited at Intramuros Manila last November 25. On that day too, the Intramuros Visual Artist's Group was created along with Ka Paeng's announcement of the establishment of his foundation, the Pacheco Art Foundation.

Rafel Pacheco with fellow artists and Intramuros Administration officers
The event was highlighted by the raffling off of the paintings of Maestro Pacheco himself and of the paintings of other Lakeshore Artists. I can only imagine how much these paintings are worth but Maestro Pacheco's heart is filled with so much gratefulness to the Lord, the source of all the beauty of the world, and gratefulness to all the people who supported his foundation- that he willingly raffled off his priced paintings.

Maestro Pacheco's speech was moving and I figured there might be a single element that all great artists are made of -- their hearts are filled with joy seeing the beauty of the world that they attempted to duplicate it through the works of their hands.

The last few words of his speech stayed in me. "Pasensiya na kayo... wala akong alam kundi iyan... ang gumawa po ng sining. Wala akong alam sa buhay kundi gumawa at kopyahin ang kagandahan at kadakilaan ng ating kapaligiran!"

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