Sunday, December 4, 2011

David's Teahouse with Jie Jie and Lis Pengyou

You heard people say, sometimes spontaneous get-togethers are better than the planned ones. It shows the people who will show up during moments of “impulsive needs”. Thanks to Jie Jie* Argee and Lis Pengyou** for being my good company tonight – topped with a delicious Chinese dinner at David’s Teahouse and some “Bad Boy” cocktail mix at Central Boy BBQ in Makati.

Note for single-and-ready-to-mingle guys: These girls, aside from being pretty, are also on a lookout for some dates (as what had transpired after a few shots of the cocktail). So if you’re interested or if you can refer somebody, better be shooting me a message right now at markjosephdelgado (at) ymail (dot). LOL.

Lemme show what delighted our taste buds that night.

I thought I will be forever loyal to Yang Chow Fried Rice until I met this beauty. Salteed Fish Fried Rice. It’s so good, it can be eaten as it is.

Lis Pengyou never touched any of these Chicken Feet confessing she thought it looked like something that belonged to humans. Good for me! Haha! Chicken Feet were one of my favorite dimsum’s of all time.

Siomai forever! Oh yeah!

These Steamed Chicken Wings with Mushroom dish is actually not so bad!

Beancurd Tofu. I didn’t see this on the menu but Jie Jie asked for this specifically from the waiter. It tastes amazing! Must not forget the name.

David's Teahouse is a favorite Chinese restaurant. Serves good house tea (free) and one of the best-tasting chili sauce (yes, even this matters) on the table. I think we only spent around two hundred bucks per head that night.

*Jie Jie - Mandarin for big sister
**Pengyou - Mandarin for friend

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