Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ristorante delle Mitre: The Catholic Restaurant

The beautiful facade of Ristorante delle Mitre. Looks like from another country, eh?

Ristorante delle Mitre is an Italian phrase which literally means Restaurant of the Miter. The miter is the official headdress of the bishops. I'm sure you have seen this cap being worn by bishops on TV. It is a tall cap with a top deeply cleft crosswise, resembling a pointed arch.

More than 80% of the Filipinos are Catholics. That's the result of being conquered by the Spaniards for more than 300 years. But would you believe that Ristorante delle Mitre is the only Catholic-inspired restaurant in the Philippines?

Ristorante delle Mitre has a very cozy ambiance. Perfect during laid back weekends.
It is said that the head chef of the restaurant is the former personal cook of Archbisop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal. Her name is Sister Evangeline Paras. She is a Theresian nun.

Kare-kare is PhP248.00 per order.
The dishes being served at the restaurant are said to be the favorite dishes of the Archbishop and the other priests and bishops as well. By looking at the menu, we'll have an idea of how the priests and bishops live. Just like any other Filipinos, the clergy loves to eat.

Pinakbet is PhP168.00 per order.
It is also said that the restaurant was created to bring the church closer to the people.

Grilled Sole fillet with rice is PhP148.00 per dish.

They even serve budget meals that the masses can afford. At Ristorante delle Mitre, they can already enjoy a full meal for as low as PhP35.00!

Vanilla ice cream is PhP35.00 per cup.
Ristorante delle Mitre is located at CBCP Building, 470 Calle Real del Palacio (now Gen. Luna St.). Just in front of San Agustin Church. You may give them a call at (02) 559-5220 or send them an email at ristorantedellemitre [@] yahoo [.] com.


  1. Hi mark dear, love your post! I also love historical places and of course, food! hihihi hope to find time to visit this very special catholic resto, thanks for sharing this! ;)

  2. You're very much welcome, Ms. Jing! In fact, there are a lot of fascinating restaurants within Intramuros that I haven't even heard of before. I shall be sharing them to you very very soon! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! :)