Friday, July 26, 2013

Camiguin: Ardent Hot Spring

camiguin ardent hot spring bridge
Bridge over tranquil water.

camiguin ardent hot spring
The water in Ardent Hot Spring is warmed by the volcanic activities occurring at the foot of Mt. Hibok-Hibok.

camiguin ardent hot spring warm jacuzzi
It's a favorite hangout place of local Camiguinlons, tourists as well as expats who chose to retire in the island.

camiguin ardent hot spring natural spa
For me, Ardent Hot Spring is nature's very own spa resort. It's my second favorite place in the world, second to Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Camiguin: Mantigue Island (Photoblog)

camiguin mantigue island entrance
Enter the paradise.

camiguin mantigue island nature park cottage

camiguin mantigue island wild plant

camiguin mantigue island frisbee

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Camiguin: A Definitive Guide to The Island Born of Fire

camiguin mantigue island boatEXPERIENCE

Mantigue Island Nature Park

What to experience? 

Swim in pristine blue-green seawater beside white sands and under the sunny blue sky.

Eat fresh seafoods such as Tuna Kilawin (my personal favorite), Tuna Sinugba (grilled, must-try) and Guso Salad (seaweeds).

Take photos around the nature park which is adorned with wild plants growing above the white sands.

Experience a mini-forest adventure inside the island too!

What to eat?

camiguin mantigue island tuna kilawin tuna sinugba guso salad food eatTuna Kilawin. My personal favorite. If you like eating uncooked seafood, this one's a must-try. Tuna Kilawin is made up of tuna marinated with vinegar and spices, Filipino-style. My friends used to tell me to slow down in taking it in because it doesn't get digested easily but to no avail- haha!

Tuna Sinugba. Sinugba means to grill. This one's a winner too! I think ate 2 cups of rice that day.

Guso Salad. I love this seaweed. Guso is agar-agar in English and they abound in the shores of Mantigue Island. Right after our mini-forest adventure, we were led to a spot where people residing in Mantigue Island harvest Guso. It was a beautiful sight to behold and I can say that it is one of the best experiences I've ever had as a travel blogger.

What to bring?

camiguin mantigue island tuna kilawin tuna sinugba guso salad food eatThe usual swimwear, goggles/snorkeling equipment, sunblock and camera.

When to go?

We went there during the first week of July when it was already rainy but the experience is still good only that we needed to hurry up that day because it was already starting to rain. I highly suggest that you visit the island when there is less rainfall.

How to go?

From Mambajao, look for the jeepney that is going to the port going to Mantigue Island in San Roque (P20). From San Roque, ride a boat going to the island (P550, back and forth).

How much?

Entrance fee is P20.

How long?

camiguin mantigue island friendsIf you can, try to budget a whole day trip for Mantigue Island. We gave it half a day and I still found myself wanting to stay (even though I am not much of a fan of beaches and island hopping). It's that good.

Who to go with?

I suggest that you go with 5 travel buddies since a boat can only accommodate up to 6 persons.

Who to meet?

Since not too many people go to Mantigue Island, you will only meet a few tourists and very friendly government employees who take care of the island.

Why is it a must-try?

Despite being a Filipino, I don't like beaches and island hopping that much but Mantigue Island converted me into one that day.


Try not to haggle too much if you are dealing with the boatmen who shall be taking you to the island. Try to see that it is a way for you to help them in your own little way.

If you love Guso like me, maybe you can try buying fresh ones from the friendly locals who we met in the shores. I enjoyed the sight too much, I wasn't able to inquire about it.