Friday, April 15, 2011

My 15 Best Takeaways from Magnolia Summer Bloggers Party

One big blast!

That's what me and my blogger friends have had during the recently concluded Magnolia Summer Bloggers Party held at the Executive Dining Room at the San Miguel Corporate Building last April 1, 2011. Before I start with my Top 15 Best Takeaways I'd like to thank everyone behind this cool event especially Magnolia Ice Cream Corporate Team! 

Here we go!

We were welcomed by the warm and happy smiles of the Magnolia staff members as they ushered us to our seats. And that big cooler behind them? Literally gave me some chills. I am seeing an unlimited ice cream treat for all in just a short a while. Weee!

Upon taking our seats, we were greeted by this beautiful emcee who welcomed us to the event. Her name is Rizza Diaz, one of the Courtside Reporters at PBA D League.

I didn't remember myself seeing the last season of Pilipinas Got Talent but I will definitely not forget the awesome performance of PGT's Velasco Brothers who literally drove us wild that night with their amazing stunts and moves as if San Miguel's Executive Dining Room's floor is their safe bed. Awesome!

Of course, the night won't be as memorable without meeting the people who share the same passion as mine for blogging. It's nice to know that we came from very diverse industries but it is the passion for blogging that brought us together. Kudos Pinoy Bloggers!

It was dinner time and the Magnolia Team won't let us go home hungry. I enjoyed the pasta and the chicken drumstick a lot! There's also lechon but I only got myself a small serving. Haha! Everyone was happy!

But of course, Unlimited Food more often than not comes with Unlimited Drinks! That night there was an overflow of Magnolia beverages and no one went home thirsty. I got my first taste that night of Magnolia Lifedrink Papaya with Glutathione. Perfect for summer folks who's not so much into tanning. Haha!

Unlimited Food. Unlimited Drinks. Well uhm how we guys not expect to have unlimited desserts! Yes indeed! Magnolia got us all crazy with their Unlimited Ice Cream surprise that night for us bloggers. I got my favorite Orange Popsies. And in this photo is the mommy blogger Ms. Janese Binaobao-Halabaso on her award-winning summer attire.

Did you know that Magnolia's Flavor of the Month started on the year 1954? And did you know that the Chico fruit (the brown fruit abundant in South Luzon especially during Christmas) became one of the Flavors of the Month? Wow!

Oooh! These Magnolia Girls are unforgettable. Sun-kissed skin so hot melted our popsicle. Hahaha! (Excuse the pun.)

We really enjoyed this Ice Cream Eating Contest with Blindfolds. Haha! We watched the contestants grope in the dark while carefully feeding their partners with ice cream. Imagine the creams on their faces and necks after the contest! Haha! Good thing everyone is game. Super fun!

Yours truly (rightmost holding beach ball) was hailed one of the Summer Dudes that night! Awesome! My style hunting a few days before the event worked! Hahaha!

Outside the room is a team of bracelet designers who shall be asking for your name and then design the bracelet with the color of your choice with your name on it. Cool huh?

Near the bracelets area is the Photo Booth. Lucky to have some shots with the Magnolia Girls!

And then down to our last. That night Magnolia brought the excitement to the highest level as they let us taste and see for the first time their never-been-sold-yet ice cream creation!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Magnolia Ice Cream and for this wonderful event!

SLEEK IN THE's Takeaway a 1.5L Tub of Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream Promo

Hi Sleek Friends! Because of my overflowing happiness and gratitude to Magnolia I'd like to use the GC's that I won for a promo to let you guys experience for yourself the goodness of Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream at the comforts for your home. 

1. Pick a Takeaway. Select 1 of the 15 Takeaways that I got from the Magnolia Summer Bloggers Party. Download the photo.

2. Upload. In our Facebook Wall, upload the photo that you downloaded.

3. Caption. In the caption area, copy-paste the text below and then tag Sleek in the City and Magnolia Ice Cream Facebook pages. (Note: You must be a fan of Sleek in the City and Magnolia Ice Cream to do this.)
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4. Register. Copy the Facebook URL of your entry and then paste it to the Comment Area located below. (Note: Anonymous registrations will not be allowed.)

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Important Notes:
1. The contest is open for Metro Manila residents only to facilitate speedy claiming of the prizes.
2. 5 Gift Certificates shall be given away. 5 Winners shall be declared on April 20, 2011.
3. Best pick-up points of the GCs are at SM City Sta. Mesa or at any LRT2 Stations.
4. Claiming of 1.5L Tub of Magnolia Gold Label Ice Creams are on the assigned chain outlets written at the back of the GCs until April 30, 2011 only.

1. Ruel Pamaran
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4. Marie Flor Tibar Lumingkit
5. Gerald Mendeja

Claiming of the GCs
Congratulations guys and thank you for joining the contest! May I just ask you guys if it's possible to meet you all at LRT2 Pureza Station at 10:00am tomorrow (April 21, 2011)? This can be a good chance for us to have a short picture taking so I can post it here in the blog. Game? For concerns please don't hesitate to contact me at 0917.838.7545.

God bless you all and have a reflective Holy Week!


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