Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vegetarian Talk with Tiffany Chua over a Bodhi Meal

Tiffany is a twenty-something year-old ex-International Relations professor at DLSU, Mandarin language instructor at ADMU and freelance Mandarin interpreter. My All Vegan Restaurant buddy in Shanghai who taught me that Einstein is a vegetarian. We really had so much fun in Shanghai last year that we want to relive our moments here in Manila via food tripping. Our long-awaited eat-together after her trip to Taiwan finally materialized at a vegetarian fast food stall in SM Makati.

Do you guys know about Bodhi?

In Shanghai, Tiff was also my travel buddy. Her Level 10 (out 10) Mandarin Chinese as a non-native speaker had taken us to many different places in China that I will never imagine to find without her.

With all smiles, she posed with her, as she said, Forever 21 top and a new (free, she says, because it came with a line!) Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Susyal!

Her eyes are so chinky here. Oops! Nakapikit pala. Hehe!

Would you believe she ate a Kare-Kare with Bagoong Alamang (both meat) that day?

And barbecue! Only that these dishes are made from gluten which are in turn either made from flour or soy beans.

As for me, I got myself a plate of Pancit Bihon with Mixed Vegetables and Sweet and Sour Pork on the side!

Afterwards, we talked until almost 2:00pm (when I promised only 'till 1:00pm) about our jobs, her sidelines, her thesis, her mentor, our memories in Shanghai, glutens, flours, soybeans, her new necklace (she loves necklaces), why I didn't went at Qi Bao (Water Town in Shanghai) with her (she always talks about this), her Taiwan vacation and etc. All of these foods and topics minus all the worries - we ingested gleefully!

Set meals at Bodhi range from PhP75 to PhP85. Tiff said Bodhi's owner, a family friend of theirs, wants to bring  vegetarian food down to the people. It's almost always an advocacy for people who has their own vegetarian restaurants. They want to share the lifestyle.

Tiffany stopped eating meat when was eleven. So many times I tried to persuade her to taste my favorite sushi (with meat fillings of course) we used to buy at Lawson's, a convenience store in China we used to pass by after classes in Fudan University, but I never succeeded.

I guess I never will.

I like my vegetarian Sweet and Sour Pork that day though. Try Bodhi one of these days and tell me what you think.

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