Friday, January 28, 2011

The Quattromondial Monument

Gone are the days that at the center of the Centennial Square of the University of Santo Tomas is a tall, empty and curious structure. Except only for the tarpaulins that cover its four sides and never failto arouse the curiosity of the students passing by it when it was still newly erected.

"Para saan kaya ito? Wala namang laman sa loob. May tarpaulin at bakal lang. Surprise daw? Hmmmm. Makapagtampisaw na nga lang sa Centennial Square fountain." 

Curiosities had finally been broken yesterday, January 27, 2011, as the QuattroMondial Monument was unveiled.


The QuattroMondial was sculpted by Mr. Ramon Orlina for the Quadricentennial celebration of the university. It is said that the four human figures in the sculpture represent the four centuries of Excellence, Spirituality, Tradition and Erudition.

There are also four notable personalities from whom the four human figures in the sculpture were inspired. Piolo Pascual for Excellence. Rev. Fr. Rolando dela Rosa, O.P. (UST Rector) for Spirituality. Ms. Monina Orlina (Mr.Ramon Orlina's daughter) for Tradition. And Ms. Charlene Gonzales for Erudition.

Cool, eh?

And then there's this really cool balloon located at the football field.

We really intended to stay to witness the Q Grand Program. A lot of people said a lot of Thomasian celebrities will celebrate with us.

The program started with a community prayer.

Right after the prayer, we heard a loud bang from the Main Building's direction. There were small fireworks and then a few men rappelled from the top of the Main Building down to the field.

And then a group of acrobatic dancers did something unexpected on the stage.

They climbed and clung on these fabrics. And then they twisted their arms and legs on it as they danced in the air and then they slid down and climbed the fabrics again. A la Cirque de Soleil!

And then they were joined by the Maneuvers and Hot Legs for a dance number.

Our Vice Rector, Rev. Fr. Pablo Tiong, O.P., gave his welcoming remarks.

Afterwards, me' ganun????

Mr. Fu was a Thomasian! A graduate from the Faculty of Arts and Letters. Communication Arts. He said he was even a former President of the Student Council. He was hilarious! Na-appreciate ko ang "Me' ganun?" nung araw na 'yun! He throws witty jokes too. No dead air.

He introduced the oldest living alumnae of the university, Mrs. Amadea Medina. If I got it right, she was around a hundred and three years old already. More than a century!

She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the College of Education during her time. Let's just say it's around eighty years lang naman from today. She was the star of the night.

Other celebrities who graced the show included Aiko Melendez.

Archie Alemania was a former Yellow Jackets member. Go USTe! 

Rosario movie's director was also there. Mr. Albert Martinez. He shared that his first girlfriend was Ms. Techie Agbayani, also a Thomasian, when they were in high school. He was an Engineering graduate.

Mr. Robert Seña.

Ms. Apple Chiu.

Universal Sweet! 

John Lapus was emotional. Hardcore Thomasian! When he was young he will pass by España on his way to Quiapo Church and include in his prayers his wish to attend UST for college. With his signature husky voice and funny antics, he shared many amazing facts with us that we are yet validate. Is it true that Shakey's España is the oldest Shakey's in Asia? Hahaha! Someone help us with the validation please. 

The UST Action Singers. Walang kupas!

RJ Jimenez sang I'm Yours. 

And then Erik Santos. This is the Moment.

I managed to have a picture with the Dragon dancers before their turn.

Sarah G. is in the house, yoh! You have to forgive us with this take. We did the best we could amidst the crazy thick crowd in the middle of the field.

After Sarah G. is Jugs of Itchyworms, Aiza Seguerra and Gary V.! Too bad we didn't catch them but we'll try to ask for some Thomasians to contribute some pictures here. For now, you may view this link. Pictures by Ashley D. Cristal.

On our way to the exit, we thought there was a heavy traffic in España. But no!

España became a temporary parking lot for all the Thomasians who would want to join celebration. 

Today, January 28, is the Thanksgiving Mass and the Grand Alumni Homecoming day. At dinner time, there will be a Quadri Fiesta. A grand "salu-salo" that is open to all Thomasians! Eating time! Tiger style! Hahaha!

What a day!

Fellow Thomasians, Happy Quadricentennial to all of us!

Viva! Sto. Tomas! 

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