Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where in Manila is Kilometer Zero?

Where else can a self-confessed hard core ManileƱo celebrate the first day of the year outside his house?

Where else can a wanderlust blogger take an oath to travel as many places as he can within the archipelago and spread the word (and pictures) of the unique beauty and charm of the land?

Where can it be?

Welcome to Rizal Park! Sleek in the City's first travel destination for 2011 and Kilometer Zero to the best of the Philippine Islands and destinations! Hurrah!

Honestly, I only plan to take an easy walk in the park for my first day of the year. I was expecting less number of people since I thought not too many people visit Rizal Park anyway. Most of them are in the malls watching in the film festival.

But I was terribly wrong. Look here.

Thought everyone in Manila was in Rizal Park that day!

Anyhoo. Rizal Park reminds me a lot of the Forbidden City in China. 

Undeniably this cute kid was too drained to raise her toy flag after a long walk that she took from the entrance 'til where she was. I took her picture last April 2010 in Beijing.

And China has their own "national hero" too.

Chairman Mao.

And then we have our very own El Capitan. His statue is placed in that big park in the capital city which also bore his name.

Rizal Park. Or sometimes Luneta. Bagumbayan during the Spanish Era. Kilometer Zero to the best of the Philippine Islands and destinations!

Wow. What more can I say? I came there with nothing but a simple plan to take a stroll. But being there made me feel like I was in some sort of a starting point. Is this a sign that I will be traveling a lot this year? Yehey!

From Km. 0 to the Philippines' Last Frontier! Why not?

Say hello, Palawan!

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Back to Manila.

The nearest LRT 1 station to the park is UN Avenue. After a few walks, you'll get to the Children's Playground. Like most ManileƱos, I also have my photo taken in this spot when I was a kid. It is a joy having heard the news that the local government recently renovated this memorable tourist spot.

And uhm. Unfortunately also, it's the same reason that we failed to get in. Ang daming taong gustong pumasok! Grabe.

Playground ba kamo? Our Plan A may have failed, but we enjoyed a lot in our stroll in the whole park. From the entrance of the Children's Playground up to Quirino Grandstand. Along the way, we encountered almost all of the possible street foods there are in Manila. Rizal Park became the mecca of street foods during that day.

Join us as we take you again for a stroll in Rizal Park through the pictures we have taken.

Dr. Jose Rizal's 114th Birthday Celebration. A ceremony was held at Rizal Park with President Noynoy last December 30, 2010, in honor of the National Hero.

A calesa ride all around Rizal Park may cost you around PhP 150 to 250 (depending on your negotiation skills).

The Department of Tourism. Would you believe it is just somewhere here? I really love the Neoclassical style of architecture of the old buildings in Manila. Elegant!

A huge statue of Lapu-Lapu.

Some kite flyers.

A statue near Quirino Grandstand.

The "Binhi ng Kalayaan" statue.

La Madre Filipina.

A Chinese Garden inside the park.

The site of Gomburza's "garote" execution.

The site of Dr. Jose Rizal's execution.

"My Last Farewell" poem translated in various languages.

A "tranvia" ride reminiscent of the old Manila.


The Memorial Clock.

I also have a photo of myself as a small kid under this carabao. I'll try to look when I have the time. Hihi.

End of the journey! I hope you enjoyed the tour with me.

I wish one day you yourself will be able to tour Rizal Park. I am very sure you will be able to get more and better pictures than I did. I believe that this experience is the walk in the park every Filipino should take.  So plan ahead! And spread the word (and pictures) of the unique beauty and charm of Manila.


Wow! Pilipinas, kay ganda mo talaga.

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