Monday, January 17, 2011

How To Eat a Xiao Long Bao: A Step by Step Guide

Having stayed for a couple of months in Shanghai, the cosmopolitan city of China where Xiao Long Baos are very famous, I have learned the proper technique of eating the best dimsum I have sank my teeth on.

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Yes. There is a proper technique. Of course, for someone who have eaten a Xiao Long Bao already, they know it is the soup inside the dimsum that gave Xiao Long Bao its name. You don't want to bite it on the wrong side and then watch the soup spill down to your vinegar-filled bowl and miss the whole big point of eating Xiao Long Bao.

So here's Sleek in the City's Unofficial Guide to Eating Xiao Long Bao.

Step 1: Take your pick.

If you haven't learned how to use a chopstick yet, make sure to learn it before eating a Xiao Long Bao. I say that there is no other best utensil to take a Xiao Long Bao except for a pair of wooden chop sticks. Spoons, forks and etc. might damage the soft covering of the dimsum so if you'll use them anyhoo, just be careful. Also practicing how to use a chopstick for a Xiao Long is a very bad idea. 

Step 2: Here comes the soup spoon.

Simply, place the Xiao Long Bao on top of the soup spoon.

Step 3: The Main Event

No matter what happens, never bite a Xiao Long Bao just anywhere. Bite its top. Look for the spot where the small creases are, indicating the part where it was sealed. Bite it and then suck its juice. Yes. Just like eating balut, you know? 

Step 4: BWTM

Here's the But-Wait-There's-More Part. Hahaha. Ahem.

At this juncture, you have a topless-soupless Xiao Long Bao. What to do with it? 

All you have to do is place some dark vinegar on top of the remains of the dimsum and then munch it. You may also place some minced ginger and chili if you dare.

Step 5: Repeat Step 1 until perfection.

Enjoy and be happy!

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