Monday, January 10, 2011

The Good Driver

During my first few months on my new job, my boss accompanied me to the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) to look for a venue for an upcoming event. While inside the taxi, I was holding my camera, some documents and a pouch containing my valuables such as mobile phones, cash, ATMs and etc.

When we reached the entrance of the PICC, the guards asked for my ID. I reached for my pouch. But I was only holding my camera and the documents that were in my hands. The pouch (with my phones, cash and IDs) wasn't there. I turned to my boss and asked her if she noticed me holding my black pouch a while ago. I enumerated to her the things that were inside it. 
It was nowhere to be found. 
She said she didn't notice me holding it. And then, her eyes widened. I gave her a look that made her reach out immediately to her phone to call our office guard to let him check if there's any black pouch inside my room.

"Sure ka bang nadala mo? Baka naiwan mo sa office," she asked.

"Baka nga," I tried hard to wish I had just left it on top of my table. I tried hard.

"Wala daw eh," my boss relayed to me the findings.  

I tried to act cool in the company of my boss who went with me to do the ocular for the first time. In a while we will be meeting some VIPs too. I composed myself but I know the BIG trouble of losing one's ATM cards, mobile phones with contact numbers and SIM cards and etc. 

I walked further inside PICC when I suddenly felt the urge to go back and check the spot where I alighted from the taxi. I might have dropped it there. And then -

"Sir bumalik 'yung taxi driver," a guard was running toward me.

I ran like mad as if there's a magnificent finish line in front of me.

Manong Dong, thank you. Thank you for saving me from such a huge mess. 

Manong Dong drives for Ken Taxi.

God bless him always. Indeed, there are still a lot of trustworthy tax drivers out there.

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