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The Sleek Guy's Ultimate Guide to Top Manila Street Foods

Last January 1, 2011 we went to Rizal Park with a sincere hope to re-enter the newly renovated Children's Playground and reminisce some childhood memories.

But fate almost decided for us. Look at the thickness of the crowd.

The entrance to Rizal Park's Children's Playground. 

It was crazy. Wow! Filipinos go to Rizal Park? We thought Filipinos prefer the malls but no!

That's when we decide to just continue strolling around until we saw this.

Green Mango with Bagoong (Shrimp Paste) PhP20 (peeled and sliced), PhP 10 on stick
And this.

Banana Cue PhP15, Kwek Kwek (Pugo) PhP2.50 each, Kwek Kwek (Itlog) PhP10, Kikiam  PhP1.5, Hotdog PhP 2
And then this.

Samalamig PhP6 per cup
That fateful day. Rizal Park was a mecca of the all-time Manila's favorite street foods! Hurrah!

Welcome to Sleek in the City's Ultimate Guide to Top Manila Street Foods. In this entry, we not only included pictures of Manila's famous and well-loved street foods. We even asked for the updated prices as well! So the next time you plan to visit Rizal Park, you will know how much to budget for food trippin' okay? Hahaha! Let's go!

Tenga ng Baboy PhP12 per stick, Pork BBQ PhP 12 per stick, Balat PhP10 per stick
Tenga ng Baboy is an ingredient to the infamous Sisig of Pampanga. The contrast of textures brought about by the softness and stickiness of the pork skin and the crunchiness of the soft bone is what makes this barbecue an all-time favorite. 

Fish Ball PhP2 for 3 pcs., HotdogPhP2, Chicken Ball PhP2.5
Who is not familiar with Fish Balls? I remember Joey Mead had a TV commercial before showing her eating Fish Balls and saying, "Manong, ang sarap ng balls no?" Fish Balls, made of the Maya-Maya fish, will always be one of the most popular street foods of all time. Many people said there is something magical in stick-ing (read: poking to get it using pointed bamboo sticks) and then dipping in either the sweet or spicy sauce. 

Like this.

Stick and dip!

Vinegar, spicy or sweet? The choice is yours!

Popcorn PhP10 per pack
Popcorn anyone? The pink colored ones are sweetened. The yellow ones are cheese flavored. The white ones are plain. All for the same prices.

(Dirty) Ice Cream, choose from PhP5, 10 and 20 cones
Dirty ice cream! Weeee!

Mani (Peanuts) PhP10 per pack
There coated and uncoated peanuts. You may choose from spicy or garlic-flavored variations. 

Mais (Corn) PhP20
Corns may be bought either boiled or kerneled and then flavored with cheese, sugar and butter. Like this.


Ice Drop PhP10
I like my Ice Drop with the pinipig and chocolate coating.

Yakult PhP10

Yakult is inspirational! Not only the bestselling item in most groceries, also in the streets! Its job is to keep our tummies alright. Perfect after a day-full of street foods! Hahaha! OK ka ba tiyan?

Lugaw starts at PhP25
This one's so fluffy you're gonna die!!!!

Cotton Candy!

Cotton Candy PhP10
I am still amazed how this machine works.

Cassava Cake PhP7 per slice

Buy 1 Take 1 Burgers PhP25
The almighty turon!

Turon PhP10, Kamote Sticks PhP15
At syempre kung may turon, merong?

Banana Cue PhP15
Mami PhP20
I didn't know Mami goes well with rice daw.

Rice PhP10
When I was a kid I hated my aunt from bringing in some dried squids from Palawan. The stunk when fried! But when I tasted it...


Dried Squid PhP5 to 10
Balut PhP15, Penoy PhP13, Pugo PhP10 for 4 pcs., Mani (boiled, unshelled) PhP10

Here's a favorite pulutan (beer match) as these eggs are mostly sold during the night. Baluuuut!

Siomai PhP2 each 
Some Chinese dimsum, eh?

Scrabble? Scramble? Whatever it is called. This Top Manila Street Food is now being sold in the malls!

Isaw PhP10, Tenga PhP15, Pork BBQ PhP15, Liempo PhP60, Chicken PhP60
This stall tickled our olfactory nerves. Smells good! Anak ng Isaw!

Siopao Asado PhP15

Look who's eating some Turon and Banana Cues and blending in with the locals that day?

Some sleek and pretty gals from Poland. Cool!

Kropek PhP15, Chicharon PhP20
Taho PhP10 per cup
This one's great for breakfast. Made of soybeans. Great source of protein.


We're including pakwan (watermelon) in the post. This comes highly in demand (and recommended) especially during the times when Manila temperature is too high.

So. Did we miss anything?

I have one thing in mind that we didn't find there. Are you familiar with the mixed candies that are being retailed and weighed, displayed in some glass compartments and carried in a bike? You will usually find the champoy, kiamoy, dried squid and dilis there.

Anyhoo, we're very happy with what we have gathered and we're very much pleased to share 'em with you. If you have time, we highly recommend that you visit this part of Manila especially during holidays and when a lot of people are expected to go there. It's time to blend in again with the real colors of Manila. No more excuses!

If those traveling Polish girls can, why can't you?

Here's Sleek in the City's Sleek Guy's Ultimate Guide to Top Manila Street Foods.

Likes and Comments are highly appreciated. Please share too! 

Have a blessed Sunday and week ahead, folks! :)

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