Sunday, January 9, 2011

Petra & Pilar Restaurant: The Susyal Karinderya

I will never forget the warm accommodation we have received from one of the best-tasting karinderyas we have been to ever.

Petra & Pilar.

Yep! Petra & Pilar is a karinderya with an upscale personality. Bringing you the best of the best of turo-turo and home-style cooking in a more exclusive setting.

Let's go inside?

Petra & Pilar caters to the working class within the business district in Makati City.

We went to see the counter. And look what we saw. Brace yourself.



And OMG. Paella is their bestselling for this cycle.

Yes. Petra & Pilar follows this 13-Day Cycle Menu. It means they change dishes every 13 days. Amazing, eh?

Let's eat!

Orange-glazed Belly. Can you see the bits of orange peel and sautéed garlic on top and the sweet sauce all over? Let's brighten up your day, shall we?

Sinigang na Liempo. Who doesn't know about this all-time Filipino favorite? At Petra & Pilar, they only made it more special. The soup stood out with its fresh tamarind-based flavor. The meat is tender. But I was just amazed how they kept the veggies crispy. Yum!

Black Gulaman! To cap off that already wonderful lunch!

But wait!

San Marco cake for dessert! Their bestseller. Thanks to Petra & Pilar for this manna from up above. Yehey!

Ms. Jing Diaz, the restaurant manager, told me that Petra & Pilar is a tribute to the mothers of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile and Ms. Cristina Enrile. This, I think, is the reason why there is a warm and loving atmosphere inside the restaurant.

Thanks to Ms. Jing Diaz and her team for a job well-done in Petra & Pilar!

Petra & Pilar is located in JAKA Center, Exportbank Drive corner Chino Roces Ave. in Makati. For more information, you may call them at (02) 887-5168. Their telefax no. is (02) 893-5531 loc. 480 / 481. Send them an e-mail too at

Also, I have heard a lot of rave comments about Petra & Pilar's corned beef being sold immediately after the entrance of the restaurant. On my next visit, I know what to get for a take out! Haha! 



  1. I agree with you Mark! I am an avid fan of Petra and Pilar. Aside from the fact that my work is just near this resto, I also find the service and food "quality" talaga... Actually just yesterday I noticed that there is a major major change in their service staff... more attentive... more friendly... The best talaga! Good Job Petra and Pilar!!!

  2. A must try ba??? Thank you for this post. Hhhhmmmmm.... We will try Petra & Pilar

  3. @Anonymous

    Haha! Major major talaga ha? Thanks for commenting guys. Matutuwa nito si Ms. Jing. Sana nababasa niya ang good comments ninyo. :)

  4. @bpmpb06

    Yes. Must try talaga especially their San Marco cake! So good! Hope you can visit one of these days. :)