Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Effective Measure: WIIFB? (What’s In It For Bloggers)

What is Effective Measure?

Effective Measure is a world leading online Audience Measurement solution, head-quartered in Melbourne, Australia with additional offices in Dubai, New York, Sydney and Bangkok.

Tasked with solving many of the internet industries existing audience measurement problems, and with a world leading focus on user privacy and market requirements, Effective Measure is quickly becoming the preferred choice of responsible advertisers, publishers and government bodies.


Sorry, what’s that again?

As an online Audience Measurement solution, it means Effective Measure generates data and information about a website’s-

a. Market Size (No. of Unique Browsers, No. of Unique Visitors, No. of Page Views, Ave. Page Duration, Ave. User Session Duration, Ave. Page Views Per Session and etc.)

b. Audience Report (Decisions, Lifestyles, Age, Gender, Education Level, Occupation, Primary Language, Residential Location, Segmentation and etc.)

c. Audience Reach

d. Trending

But what made it different from other online Audience Measurement solution?

Unlike just any other online Audience Measurent solution, Effective Measure seeks to answer the more in-depth questions about a website’s audience. For example, through the generation of the Audience Report one can have an idea of how many among the audience are Health Conscious, Free Spenders, Connectors, Mavens, Salespersons, Fashion Consciousness and etc.

Really, Effective Measure can do that?

Yes. Effective Measure uses a unique demographic technology that gives websites more representative, continually evolving demographic profiles. The data is collected through small interactive, non-intrusive demographic surveys that provides for standard demographic questions (e.g. age, gender and profession) as well as publication category specific question.

So, What’s In It For Bloggers (WIIFB) like me?

Effective Measure can help you a lot in many ways. It can help you-

a. Know more about the kind of people that you attract to your blog.

b. Have a partial understanding of their needs and wants based on their demographic and psychographic profile.

c. Write better blog posts based on the interests of your target audience.

d. Convince businesses who target specific market segments to advertise on your blog.

e. Create powerful presentations about your blog with claims backed up by reliable data generated from research.

How can I sign up for Effective Measure?

Become one of the 10 bloggers to register for a 90-Day Free Trial with Effective Measure. Aside from this you may also have the chance to undergo an intensive training about Effective Measure and how to use the Effective Measure Dashboard. Just follow these 2 easy steps.

1. Click on the image below now to register for the 90-Day Free Trial.

2. Place the URL of your blog on the Facebook Comment Box below to get a chance to join the training.

To know more about Effective Measure, you may visit their website by clicking here.

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