Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gigantic Siopao for Gigantic Cravings + PVL Siopao

My friend Keng Keng told me one day about the existence of this giant siopao that she swore I should find and blog about when I get the chance. Being a sucker for siopao I was, I thanked God that Keng Keng was my friend and then started to daydream about that giant siopao- its pure white and heavenly fluffy outer bun, its savory -meaty inner core and its delightfully sweet and sinfully tasty sauce that can melt the sadness of the world away!

Look at that!

So when I got the chance, one day after leaving the office earlier than the usual, I marked down my map and told the cab driver to take me at once to that PVL Restaurant. After a series of wrong turns, wrong streets and wrong people to ask directions from about the giant siopao's where-about's, I finally saw the gigantic signage saying "P-V-L". (Read: Finding where PVL Restaurant is may require a lot of patience and some spatial talents, but you'll get there.)


I saw the giant siopao along with its other giant friends inside a steaming glass cabinet. The next second, I was in love. I bought one Asado for me and Gian and received it from the waitress with both hands like a newborn baby. A big, bouncy and white siopao ball it was.

The cross section of the giant Asado siopao looked like this. A half serving is enough to fill my dinner-hungry tummy that night. Although I'm expecting a bit of what like the other restaurants serve- ground pork meat wet with Asado sauce, I wasn't disappointed at all with PVL's version of Asado siopao. It was good. great!

I can never eat a siopao without this magical ingredient. The Asado sauce.

On this picture, I was still the half-happy and half-shocked earthling devoured by the idea of a humongous siopao existing somewhere on earth. Right after taking this picture, I devoured both the idea and the siopao.

The PVL Jumbo Siopao is located at 84-I I. Lopez St. corner F. Ortigas Ave. in Mandaluyong. You may give them a ring at 534-3815. A siopao costs around 140 bucks.

Enjoy! And tell us how it goes when you visit there.


  1. Now I know where my bf got this giant siopao that he faked as my birthday cake. ^__^

    I love siopao, especially the one from Kowloon. And this is not the usual "masabi lang na malaki," masarap din talaga sya. Kahit yung mga nasa bahay namin nasarapan dito. ^__^

    BTW, i hope you could allow comments via facebook in your page..

  2. Hi Ate Kat! Wow! Pati ako nagulat na ginawang birthday cake ng boyfie mo ang giant siopao. Ikaw na.

    Natuwa naman ako at nasarapan din kayo sa siopao na to. Hehe.

    By the way mas OK ba ang FB comment box? Mas madami kaya mag-comment dito dahil dun? Hehe. =)