Monday, July 18, 2011

5 Serious Reasons Why Bloggers Should Proofread

“My blog is not my college thesis!” 

I used to think Bryanboy was right. I admit. As a blogger, I also have my own share of grammatical errors, subject-verb disagreements and wrong schmellings. I think I can only count in my head the number of times I have diligently checked on my grammar, spelling and word-choice before I hit the “Publish” button. I used to think proofreading is not worth the time.

Until one day.

I was lucky to have been invited in an event organized by inWrite, a professional organization offering proofreading, copy-reading and rewriting services for serious bloggers.

Me (fourth from the left) with the inWrite Team and my fellow "serious" bloggers

During the discussion, I have formed some insights on my mind that convinced me that proofreading is, indeed, important in blogging.

1. If content is “king” as what blog experts say, then what do you call a blog full of errors?

2. Misspelled keywords won't be crawled by search engines.

3. Readers can only stay in your blog for a few minutes. Make every second count by striving to deliver an error-free blog .

4. A good idea written with bad grammar is still bad.

5. Wrong spelling is just simply wrong.

What sets inWrite apart from the competition (shall there be any competition) is their brand promise. “Blogreading,” as they say, “is done without changing the blogger’s style or tone of voice, which we consider the heart of every blog.”

If you need some professional help with your blog, visit inWrite now and see how they can help you come up with your next killer blog post.

To view their site, just click on the image below.

But wait, there’s more! inWrite knows we love freebies so they're offering a Quality Blog Review for FREE! Just click on the image below and input your Blog URL.

Happy blogging!
This is an entry to inWrite’s “Choose and Review” Blog Review Contest.
Special thanks to Jonel Uy for the invitation.


  1. The way you express your thoughts should also be important. You should also be engaging. =)

  2. Likewise, its a good idea to be reminded every now and then!

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