Monday, July 18, 2011

Cave Man & Yeti + The Art of Shaving Ice

Remember what they told us in History about the ancient civilizations that used to gather snow from the mountains and turn‘em into desserts especially during hot summer days?

The Persian Empire actually poured grape juice over the snow and then eat it! And then there’s the infamous Roman Emperor Nero who used to send slaves to Apennine Mountains to collect snow and then top it with fuits, nuts and honey.

Well, we’re going back old school again as we visited Cave Man & Yeti- a small shop near Eastwood City and St. Pio Center. They serve a curious dessert called “shaved flavored ice”.

Ready? Here we go!

This design on their wall got me thinking if there has been any possibility that our pre-historic folks actually munched ice during their times.

At first, they’ll place a big block of flavored ice on the shaving machine. This block reminded me a lot of my favorite “ice candy” when I was a kid. In the Philippines, it is normally sold in the neighborhoods for around PhP1.00 to PhP2.00 during my time. I wonder if there are still homemade ice candies around in the Philippines.

Anyhoo, it’s shaving time! The shaving machine shall make the flavored ice rotate on its place at a great speed while the shaved ice is collected from below. Oh by the way, I asked for the Ube flavor, one of their bestsellers. That’s why it’s violet. That means the ice actually tastes like Ube. Pretty cool, huh?

Toppings! Some sweet beans soaked in Ube-flavored syrup. Yum!

Tadaa! The ice was so soft and yummy. I really liked the Ube flavor! Reminds me perfectly of my favorite pearl shake drink too!

I only ordered the Regular size which as around PhP68.00. But you can also choose the Sharing size (PhP78.00) or All-U-Can size (PhP108.00). Click on the image above to see the other flavors more clearly.

You can try their Mochi Buns too. It’s PhP28.00 per piece.

Cave Man & Yeti is located inside Petron station C5 Libis, Quezon City. It’s very near Eastwood City and the Citibank Tower. It’s a perfect spot during the weekend- before or after visiting the St. Pio Center to hear the mass.

Contact them at 622-9344 or 0917-568-8765. Click here to visit their website.

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