Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why do I want to become a Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur?

This is my entry for's Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program contest.

As a young professional who would like to pursue a career in Marketing, I believe that being a Blog & Social Media Entrepreneur shall help me immensely in becoming a successful Marketing practitioner someday. I believe that blogs and other social media platforms will be the mainstream marketing channel of the future- and there is just no excuse for me not to get familiar with these new forms of media.

It is great to know that through non-traditional forms of media more and more people are given the opportunity to be heard and become influential in their own respect. Every day, we see statements, pictures and videos that move our hearts and change our thinking. More often than not, these statements, pictures and videos are just shared to us by ordinary people like us- our friends.

In a world where power and influence seems to be limited to just a chosen few, I believe that giving more and more people the chance to become an opinion leader or a “change maker” can already be called a big step forward towards creating social progress. Looking ahead, being a Blog & Social Media Entrepreneur will not just give me the opportunity to take the “front seat” as I watch more of those positive changes unfold- brought about by this social progress.

As a Blog & Social Media Entrepreneur, it will also allow me to actively partake in bringing forth those positive changes.


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