Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Roomorama Experience

Lucky. A few months ago, I received a lucky Email from asking me to write a review about the website in exchange of a $100-worth of GC that I can use anytime, anywhere. I was a fan of the service even before I got that lucky Email. Basically is an online portal for travelers who are looking for more affordable apartments and condominium units to stay in during their travels. Indeed, gone are the days when we are just limited to very expensive hotels for our short-term stays abroad. Now, we have a list of apartments and condominium units (in a more affordable price and a more convenient online booking via that is being offered by locals from anywhere in the world.

The Selling Point. The Selling Point of this service- that’s why I’m such a fan- is it’s goal to make the travelers from all over the world to live like a local. Living like a local most probably means staying in a unit along with the locals- and not in fancy hotels with fellow foreigners.

The Brainchild. is the brainchild of two young executives, Jia En Teo and Federico Folcia, who thought of an idea of putting up a website that shall handle short-term rental transactions quickly, easily and securely for people like them who love to travel and not just travel- but live like locals.

My Roomarama Experience at A. Venue Suites. Below are some of the pictures we’ve taken during our Roomarama Experience at A. Venue Suits in Makati Avenue in Makati City. I’d say that this unit is perfect for the locals and foreigners alike who are in the Philippines either for business or for vacation. Being in Makati, as the Philippines’ business district, nothing beats a place that is within the city itself. Staying within the city may save you from a lot stress brought about by the heavy traffic going to this place- something that is usual in the whole Metro Manila. Plus, the building is located beside a mall and surrounded by a lot of restaurants. Everything is within reach. For vacation, Makati is also a gateway to a lot of destination within the Philippines as it is near the airport.

So when booking your next vacation and then you’re looking for a place to stay, let show you the way! Happy traveling!

Nothing beats looking at Makati City from the top with the bright lights at night! Amazing!

The very inviting living room.

My dream kitchen- I saw it here.

A. Venue Suites' Infinity Pool.
Special thanks to Ms. Manda Foo for arranging this accommodation for me. And to Mr. Michael McDonald for letting us stay in his unit for rent for a night!


  1. I have to admit that is one great view. The facilities and pool are pretty good as well. I'll consider staying here if and when I'm in town.

  2. The best way to live the old "Beverly Hillbillies" expression "Take your shoes off. Sit a spell." would be to visit the supermarket next door for your much-needed roach spray in that apartment, unless you enjoy feeling roaches being crunched under your feet. You could fantasize being "Wyatt Earp" as you shoot the bugs from your hip with your carried can of insect repellant. I am sitting in one of those flats now, demanding a refund. Not even $1000-worth of GC could not convince me to unfairly write a positive review about this.