Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Winning for inWrite

The Happiness. It's like experiencing Algarve Holidays for free! Early this morning, Mr. Joel Baluyot of inWrite messaged me via Facebook to declare me as the winner of the BlogReading contest they organized very recently. Yehey! SLEEK IN THE’s entry competed with other blogs for a chance to win a cash prize via PayPal. To see the list of other entries, please visit inWrite's Facebook Fanpage.

The criteria for judging included Creativity (40%), Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation (30%) and lastly Facebook Likes (30%). This is pure bliss considering how competitive the other bloggers are who joined the contest. And for barely-a-year old blog just like SLEEK IN THE, this is truly a BIG honor. Thank you, inWrite Team!

The Perks. Part of the perks of winning is to be featured in the homepage of their website! Yehey! Hope to get more hits starting today!

The Perfect Post. And of course, as they promised, they shall be giving us free blog proofreading (or simply blogreading). And here is the result! I just had my very first blog post be proofread-to-perfection by none other than the inWrite Team! Victory! Click on the image above to read the now error-free "The Lady of the Fans" blog post.

To know more about inWrite and how can they help bloggers and writers like us, please visit their website and Facebook Fanpage.

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