Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sleek Toiletry Bag (Traveler's Edition)

So what are you gonna do this long weekend huh? I’m sure some of you will go on a travel- either solo backpacking or excursion with family or friends. Whenever we travel, of course, aside from our clothes our toiletry bag is another thing we can’t afford to forget. It sucks sometimes when we discover that some of the stuffs that should be inside our toiletry bags were missing. We will be forced to buy in a nearby store or worse- borrow from someone else!

Here’s a sleek peek to my own personal toiletry bag whenever I travel. Hope you can share your own “What’s inside my toiletry bag?” blog too.

1. Adidas Toiletry Bag. I have found this old Adidas toiletry bag around 3 years ago and until now, I haven’t bought a new one. I like the fact that I can hang it anywhere (it has a hook inside) and that it is very durable. My advice is that invest on your toiletry bags. Put a high price on quality and durability. Believe me, having a good one will save you from future worries and hassles. Not to mention that you can save money too, as you don’t have to change for a new one from time to time.

2. Vick’s Vapor Rub. I use Vick’s Vapor Rub whenever I’m feeling dizzy, sneezy or if somewhere feels itchy. It has been a good friend to me whenever I’m at home or in a trip. Include it on your first aid kits.

3. Pill Box with some capsules and tablets. I bring my own pill box filled with my own capsules and tablets- especially my antihistamine since I’m prone to allergic rhinitis.

4. Artistry Skin Refinishing Lotion. Guys need to moisturize too. And I highly recommend Artistry Skin Refinishing Lotion for men and women alike. True to its name, it leaves my skin feeling matte-finish after every application. Artistry is a brand exclusively distributed by Amway Philippines, LLC.

5. Gillette Mach 3 Turbo. Of course, try as much as you can to shave before you go on a trip. But for guys like me whose facial hairs grow quickly, I need to bring a shaver with me even though I’ll only be away for a couple of days.

6. Trim Large Nail Cutter. Before going on a trip, I try as much as I can to trim my nails too. But I also bring along my favorite nail cutter every time as I’ve found it very useful in cutting stuffs aside from my nails such as stray threads in a shirt, sachets and etc. It’s a perfect substitute to a Swiss army knife somehow.

7. Perfume in a Small Spray Bottle. Since I can’t bring along my whole perfume bottle I make sure I bring at least a small spray bottle containing it.

8. Earpicker. I bought this earpicker at Watson’s a long time ago and I haven’t used any earpicker yet aside from it. Cotton buds are quite dangerous to my ears as well as the other earpickers made of wood so I was very glad to find this one- made of plastic. Hope it stays with me forever. It’s quite hard to find.

9. Dentiste Toothbrush and Toothpaste Set. I really like this toothbrush and toothpaste set by Dentiste. First, the toothbrush’s bristle is really soft. Perfect for folks like me who have sensitive teeth. Plus, the toothpaste contains Vitamin C and Xylitol that both helps strengthen the teeth. And lastly, I like that they are both contained in a zip-lockable pouch that even though I mix them with other toiletries during travels I can be sure that my toothbrush (and my toothpaste) stays clean.

10. Artistry Pure White Cleanser. Oh yes, another Artistry product. I have learned to love my own. (I work for Amway.) I say that this one is the most effective whitening cleanser there is in the market. It’s gentle yet very effective.

11. Johnson’s Body Wash. I’m not really choosy with body wash. I got this body wash during my family’s “RORO-road trip” to Boracay last April. After gassing up, a box full of freebies was given to us containing this body wash- among other things. It was so cool!

12. Protique Shampoo-and-Conditioner in a Container. I don’t like bringing along the whole shampoo container. My family used to buy the big one’s so I learned how to place shampoos and conditioners inside small bottles like this one. By the way, Protique is another brand exclusively distributed by Amway Philippines, LLC.

13. Hair Wax. Undoubtedly, the best hair wax there is in the market. This has been my hair’s bestfriend for almost 3 years now. I’d say, I have never been happy with other hair waxes. So after losing sight of it for quite some time, I was so glad to have found it again lying gloriously in one of the gondolas in Watson’s in SM City Sta. Mesa. Click here to view my blog post about it.

Happy long weekend, folks!


  1. i liked these toiletry bags . they are lovely. we can also place our daily item in these bags in organised manner.

  2. really these cosmetic bags is really great. As we can place all our toiletries in well organized way and also in systematic manner. which you can access easily whenever you are desired to do so. i really liked the bags. very very nice.