Friday, May 6, 2011

My Top 10 Takeaways from Teleserv Night-Out at the Cinema 2011

I felt special.

No. Not like a special kid who got some sugar rush for eating too much chocolates. But I really felt special for having been invited at the recently concluded Teleserv Night-Out at the Cinema 2011 event. 

For bloggers. 

Who wouldn't? First, it gave us (Gian and I) a perfect motivation to sit at the cinema again, after a long long time, having been extrapolated to another universe called career, work, job and overtime. We both have become unbelievably busy (as if we've never been like that before) that we both made a slight jerk of surprise upon taking our seats. Alas! Our butts on the cinema seats again!

And second, well, I actually made a list of ten other stuffs that made the whole experience for us, bloggers, really special. From the nice Teleserv staff members who welcomed us to seeing the newest Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson movie with the people whom you know and share the same passion with, bloggers.

Anyhoo, before I say thanks to Teleserv I'd like to say that I'm bitter once again for having not win anything in the raffle prizes. Good heavens! They raffled off some DVD players, bags (which I liked a lot), iPod and etc. and I didn't get any! And then on-the-spot they also raffled off some tickets to the Pacquiao-Mosley fight which will happen two days from today!

Seriously, do they know how much I wanted those prizes? 

Hahaha. Just kidding. Enough of the rant. Ahem. I'd like to say thank you to Teleserv for inviting us that night and share an exclusive cinema with us to talk briefly about Citizen Services and then afterwards, to watch the latest Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson movie, Fast Five!

Thank you for all the cool stuffs that I have received too that I'm blogging about right now. 

So here it is. My Top 10 Takeways from Teleserv Night-out at the Cinema 2011. Enjoy!

From start to finish, we only got an accommodation that is fit for the kings and queens. As we enter, we were greeted with warm smiles as if were nobilities who had just attended the royal wedding from the Westminster Abbey. Everything went on smoothly from registering to being ushered inside the cinema and I'd like to salute the whole Teleserv team for giving us only their best that night! Thank you! 

I got so worried about getting hungry since we went straight to Gateway from work. To my relief, we were handed this yummy burger and iced tea from Wendy's! Worry #1 slashed out!

The morning of that night's event, I knew I should bring my jacket to the cinema but I forgot to do so! Imagine my reaction when I got this sleek and nice jacket from Teleserv as part of our loot bags. Worry #2? Nah! 

Part of the  loot bag is this complete Media Kit contained in a very nice zip-lock plastic envelope that maybe reused for some other important documents that need superior protection such as birth certificates. Inside are flyers; a CD containing the videos, photos and newsletters of Teleserv; a nice key chain with Teleserv's services and contact numbers; a fan and to my delight- a small pack of moisture absorbing balls! Very useful in keeping off unwanted moist that damages our important documents!


That tumbler is really sleek! Perfect for office use. It has the Fast Five design in its cover. I really appreciated the effort in preparing this one.

I love lanyards! This one's for the keeps!

They made sure we have popcorn during the movie! I appreciated this one a lot even though I'm not exactly a popcorn person. Sweet!

It was a pleasure to meet the guy behind all these, Mr. Raffy David. He's the Director for Marketing and Quality Assurance for Teleserv. We met him at the entrance while I was declaring to the whole place how much I love everything that is inside the loot bag. Lucky that he caught my line and said, "Glad that you liked 'em." We shook hands and he exchanged cards with Gian. Awesome guy! We have a picture with him!

And now for our feature presentation. 

I'd say I wasn't a fan of the Fast and the Furious movie and I actually didn't see any of the prequels of the Fast Five but I enjoyed the speed and the craziness and the good values depicted in the movie a lot! I seriously held my breath to the nicest parts of the movie- you know, the explosions, the car races, the death-defying stunts and etc.- and I'd say that this is a safer alternative to the roller coaster.

Enjoy the ride!

I really liked the way that the Teleserv team deliberately made the introduction to their services short. Not because I was such a big fan of the movie but because I think Teleserv basically knew what the people want. And instead of making long spiels about who they are and what they do, they made a brief one and also maximized the dead air times to flash their advertisements and contact information. On a Marketing perspective, Teleserv knew that they don't need to hard-sell themselves and/or go against what the people want. Instead, they looked at other opportunities where people may be able to learn more about them and remember them when the need arises. For such a short encounter with the company, I learned a lot and saw a lot of cool Customer Relationship Management insights. Kudos to the Teleserv team.

Anyhoo, who is Teleserv and what they do?

Teleserv is the company that brought the nation the Citizen Services. These services include assistances to our fellow Filipinos in (a) having their birth certificates delivered at their doorsteps, (b) being assisted in securing Passport Appointments with DFA and (c) getting POEA OFW Exit Clearances. The group is fully accredited and endorsed by NSO, POEA and DFA.

If you want to know more about Citizen Services, it is best to visit their website. Click here. You may follow them at Facebook and Twitter too!

If you think there ain't no Fast and Furious way to get your birth certificate or passport, don't just think again. Make it a top-of-the-mind action to visit the Citizen Services website and take a look at how your very convenience may be delivered at your doorstep.

Worried about the long lines on DFA, POEA or NSO? Nah! Citizen Services is here.

Thanks again to the Teleserv Team for putting up such a wonderful event!


  1. I was there too, Just like Fast Five, Teleserv's services really rocks

  2. @Event Lover

    Cool! You must have availed of one of their services eh? :)