Thursday, March 20, 2014

7 Things I Like About the New Mobile Game Epic Paint Adventure

Today, March 20, 2014, Kuyi Mobile launched their new mobile game called Epic Paint Adventure. Honestly, I am not really much of a gamer and there are only a few games that I really like, the reason for which is because I only appreciate the “ideation” of the games. The games on my list include the phenomenal Flappy Bird, Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled. There is something common among these three games and I believe that it is what made them popular.

Today, I am writing about yet another genius work. Allow me to enumerate the 7 things I like about the new mobile game Epic Paint Adventure.

1. Colorful design. Epic Paint Adventure is about painting. The gamer’s task is to help painters get colors so that they can complete their paintings. There is no doing away with colors here and this is one of the things that I like about this new work by Kuyi Mobile. It was impressive the way they visually designed the whole game.

2. Cute chibi characters. I like the cute chibi characters that they created for the game. By the look of it, you will know that Kuyi Mobile really worked hard in designing each and every one of them. The characters are famous painters. There is even one wearing the Philippine National Costume for men, Barong Tagalog, and I am yet to find out who he is. Juan Luna, perhaps? The one who created Spoliarium? Growing up, my favorite games are Mario Brothers (I mean, during my age, who doesn’t?) and Pocket Fighter by Nintendo. These games all used cute chibi characters so when I saw Epic Paint Adventure used chibis too, it was a plus point.

3. Music. Music is important that I did not skip it in this review. I just know that Kuyi Mobile really meticulously chose the right tune for the game and they did not just settle for mediocre sounds just to finish it. Thumbs up to the developers!

4. Challenging task. Okay, the task is really simple. All you have to do is to gather colors for the painters and to do that you have to “assemble” the colors in a playing board that has some obstacles. It might sound simple but it wasn’t that easy, that as of writing I am still stuck at Level 3! And yes, I won’t explain everything here. You really have to try it! It is really fun!

5. Educational. The game gives trivia about painters at each level. It’s educational and child-friendly.

6. Marketing. The rise of different mobile apps and games will, for sure, give way to a new kind of marketing that I shall aptly call “Mobile App and Game Marketing” or simply “Mobile Marketing”. I like the way Kuyi Mobile did it. They aimed for the game to hit the top spot today, March 20. I know it wasn’t a small feat but I really liked that the goal is spot-on and focused. Check out their Facebook event page at for more details.

7. Filipino. Kuyi Mobile is based in the Philippines. Is there anything cooler than supporting your own fellow Filipino who wanted to make a small dent in the mobile gaming industry? It’s time to prove why the Philippines was once called the social media capital of the world! Download Epic Paint Adventure now on iTunes or Google Play!

To know more about Kuyi Mobile, please check out their website at


  1. I am truly interest by this game.I am a fan of street tycoon and was intrigued to look at this game.The art is peculiar and I cherish the thought of playing through the art world!However when I installed it I could just play the first stage as stages 2-6 are out of screen.Likewise the full page include pop up is truly irritating.I trust the fix the bugs.The idea of this game is unique and I would love to play it.~Sylvia Powell.

  2. This article has given many great tips.I have found many useful thinks here.Everybody likes new mobile game. It’s educational and child-friendly. I like the way Kuyi Mobile did it. Thanks all!!