Wednesday, November 5, 2014

3 Reasons To Shop At Island Rose

Roses for your Ms. World? No problem. Island Rose is the
official flower sponsor during the Ms. World Philippines
2014 pageant.
1. Quality.

The very website of Island Rose is about quality. (Check it out at It's one of the most navigable e-commerce websites I have ever visited -- no kidding here. It's fast and simple. Less frills. Less clutter. It's ideal for people who know exactly what they want and want it quick -- without sacrificing the quality. Since the first touchpoint of most customers is through online, you can already say a lot how the people behind this business do it. And true enough, as I click through the pages of the website, one thing is impressed on my mind -- Island Rose is about quality. You can say that you can get roses and other gifts anywhere else but there is no denying that it is Island Rose that had perfected the art and science of "delivering fresh roses to the ones you love". And you know too well that when giving to the ones you love, quality is of utmost importance. I believe this is what Island Rose is about.

2. Great business idea.
The awesome website of Island Rose.

It was last year when I first heard about Island Rose in a webinar about best practices in e-commerce in the Philippines. When I first heard about it, I knew that it was a great business idea. First, it's unique in its own niche. Before and after I heard about Island Rose, I've never heard of any other business that delivers fresh roses to anyone anywhere which can also be ordered online. There can similar businesses to Island Rose but they haven't reached me yet. Second, it's focused. By its name, you will know already what it's all about -- roses. By focusing on the most popular flower in the market, it has become an excellent business in its own respect. Where there is focus, there is excellence. And third, it's revolutionary. In its website, it was said that in the year 2000 the business sparked a revolution in the Philippine flower industry and e-commerce retailing. This means when I was in Grade 6 and long before Lazada and Zalora, Island Rose is already doing e-commerce. Being a digital marketing consultant myself, this blows my mind incredibly.

3. Love.

A screenshot of their Deals page. My favorite items are
all here especially "Forever" which is found at the
upper right hand corner.
If there is yet another great reason why you should get flowers for your sweetheart from Island Rose, I believe that it is love. You can be a Filipino professional who is working abroad and is looking for a way to send roses to your sweetie-pie here in the Philippines. Or you can just be here looking for a way to make your honey-bunch feel extra special by having her favorite flowers delivered at her office. I believe Island Rose is the one for you.

Check out their website at My favorite item so far is "Forever" which can be found at their Deals page.


  1. I've been fascinated over flowers. Whenever I'm seeing roses, I felt that I'm in love. :)

  2. Island Rose makes me remember of two things. First, the rose farms in Benguet. There was this time when when we organized an outreach mission to bring school supplies to kids there. For the first time, I saw a slope of mountain vegetated with rose. It was a wonderful panorama; no amount of money could ever buy the view. Second, the Rose Island where Andre Reiu played "The Rose", which is one of my favorite tunes. Glad Island Rose is here to deliver fresh roses to our doorsteps. Valentines Day would never be the same with the arrival of this new e-commerce site.

  3. Now I have something to recommend to my guy friends whenever they seek my (love) advice! :)

  4. What I love about Island Rose is that they have a full description of each flower and what it symbolize. You can be sure that you are sending the right flower for the message that you want to convey.

  5. Flowers especially Roses makes me happy

  6. Flowers, especially Roses, the most enduring symbols for love and appreciation. It's no surprise that roses are among the most admired and evocative of flowers. What kind of flowers, colors and even meanings, is to ensure that your love understands what the flowers you give or receive. :) I love flowers <3

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