Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why should Filipinos go back to eating Brown Rice?

Bayang Barrios and Noel Cabangon entertaining
the crowd with their  enthralling voices and artisty.
I had the privilege to be invited as one of the bloggers to attend the Brown Rice Lunch and Launch at Mercato Centrale in Bonifacio Global City last November 17. I am very thankful to Oxfam and Dakila for inviting me. I had a great time listening to inspiring people who enumerated the many benefits of eating Brown Rice- not only for one’s health but also for one’s community and the environment. I also had a great time listening to great music- rendered by none other than Kitchie Nadal, Bayang Barrios and Noel Cabangon who were ambassadors of the campaign.

 I never gave much thought about eating Brown Rice until I heard the spokespersons talk about it during the event. We were used to eating the regular white rice and I never thought that there can really be a long list of substantial reasons why I should shift to Brown Rice.

Mang Nestor Quijano from Negros Oriental
showing me the Brown Rice.
 It was said that Brown Rice is simply the “unpolished rice”. And the regular white rice that we know is the “polished rice” which actually underwent two major mechanical post-harvest milling processes. The term “two major mechanical post-harvest milling processes” is equivalent to saying more nutrients being stripped off from the rice, more energy consumption and more expenses for the farmers.

 This is what the campaign is trying to resolve. Oxfam and Dakila wants to bring the people back to eating what our ancestors used to eat- the Brown Rice. It’s healthy. It’s good for the family and the community. It’s good for the environment. It’s good for the farmers. It’s good for the country. It’s really the good food. 

Thanks again to Oxfam and Dakila for allowing me to take part in this wonderful initiative. To know more about Brown Rice, please visit their website or Facebook Page.

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