Tuesday, October 1, 2013

6 Important Realizations While Eating in Masuki Restaurant in Binondo

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1. You can actually mix beef and chicken in a dish.

I have never seen any dish like the noodles I ordered in Masuki. There was beef and chicken in it and it tastes really good. I have no complaints.

2. Siopao sauce is being spooned before.

I got used to eating siopao with the sauce being pressed from a plastic bottle or a sachet. It was my first time to eat siopao in a place where I should be using a Chinese spoon to scoop the siopao sauce out. I will describe it as a high Chinese society kind of dining experience. No plastic bottles. No sachets. Let’s be authentic Chinese here.

3. Noodles and siopao make a perfect combo meal.

This is another first time for me. I have never eaten a bowl of noodles and a siopao together. Not yet. Until, I came to Masuki. It was great.

4. Chinese people are great manual workers.

Carbs on carbs on carbs? With the kind of diet like this on Masuki, it was pretty easy to figure out that the original patrons of the restaurant are those who need energy the most. Who else can finish a bowl of noodles and a siopao in one sitting?

masuki ma mon luk binondo noodles siopao tea best chinese restaurant where to eat in manila
5. If the tea is free, it is a Chinese restaurant.

Aside from the fork and spoon being soaked in warm water in a clear glass, another mark of Chinese restaurants are the free hot teas. If the tea is not free, doubt the authenticity of the “Chinese-ness” of the restaurant you entered into.

6. Masuki is the old Ma Mon Luk.

I don’t know what happened but the old Ma Mon Luks is the new Masuki. Another realization is that, product is indeed king! You can change locations and names all you want but if you don’t change the very reason why your customers love you (the product), then there’s nothing much to worry about.

Then again, this is Ma Mon Luk/Masuki. If you are a new brand, better establish the product first before thinking of changing anything.

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