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5 Amazing Things I Discovered About Myself Through My Fingerprints

Holding my Encycligent report at their booth in World Trade Center
 last December 14, 2013
A few weeks back, I took the most unique personality test that I have ever taken. It never asked a single
question from me, unlike any other personality test. It only asked for my fingerprint scans.

Yes, you heard it right. Just my fingerprint scans.

So it is possible to analyze someone’s personality through his/her fingerprint scans?

In fact, it is.

Encycligent is the company that brought the Dermatoglyphics Mutiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) to the Philippines. DMIT is a patented personality test based on the research of Professor Lin Ruei Bin from Taiwan. It uses fingerprint scans to analyze the personality of a person as there is a direct relationship between our fingerprint patterns and personalities. His discovery is highly inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner’s study of Multiple Intelligences and Dr. Roger Sperry’s Dual Brain Theory.

Below are some of the things that I discovered about myself through the report generated from the DMIT.

1. Why I never liked exercise that much

Ever since I was a child, I never liked moving around that much. I’d rather stay in a corner and read my book. My dad thought I was lazy. But I used to disagree with him. I love reading. And reading is an activity that many kids of my age find themselves too lazy to do. So, I never accepted I was lazy. I was just different.

When I grew up, I tried liking sports, but to no avail. Physical activity takes too much effort so I did not bother to try so hard. I tried to excel in academics as I saw others excelled in sports. There is enough room for everybody.

My Encycligent report showed that Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (60%) is not one of my inborn strengths. I was both surprised and unsurprised at this.

How can a test like this that only took my fingerprint scans turned out to be true? How can it tell so much things about myself without even asking me a single question about my personality?

It was amazing.

I am thankful to Encycligent. I thought that if parents will only be able to know about the inborn strengths of their children, it will save them not only theirs but also their children’s time and energy from investing in activities that are not aligned with the latters’ unique strengths. It will also save both of them from unnecessary emotional pains that usually result from the parents’ insistence of what they want their children to do.

I believe that it is every parents’ and individual’s business to find out their children’s and their own inborn strengths. Encycligent offers help to people who are taking this business seriously.

2. Why taking Business Administration as my major turned out to be a good decision

During the confirmation of my admission slot at the University of Santo Tomas around 10 year ago, I chose between Communication Arts and Business Administration. I ended up with the second one. A few years after college, I started working in highly esteemed companies and that’s only when I started to question if I really took the right course or not. Is business really my strength? Is this really the right career for me?

It was a painful feeling. How can I turn back the time and redo the decision I have made around 10 years ago all over again? I felt helpless. There were countless nights of sleeplessness and days of wandering around aimlessly. I also cried unto God too many times for an answer. Some people call that phase in my life “quarter life crisis”.

Then, Encycligent came.

It was said in the report that my inborn strengths are actually aligned to careers that are leaning towards business and entrepreneurship. After reading the whole report, I heaved a deep sigh of relief. That decision around 10 years ago turned out to be actually right.

As said, Encycligent only requires someone’s fingerprint scans. This means that even an 18-month old baby can take the exam and find out about his/her strength even before he/she can talk. Unlike other tests, Encycligent does not require answering questions about how an individual sees himself/herself, which somehow clouds the results, since most of the answers depend on someone’s feelings and thoughts at a particular time.

With Encycligent, the answers are unchanging as they are literally imprinted on our hands.

3. Why I always say that if I never went to business school, I would also have taken Psychology

The mere fact that I was drawn to Encycligent already tells a lot about my personality. I love taking personality tests. In fact, aside from it, I also have taken Strengthsfinder 2.0, Fascinate and all the tests made available in, a popular website that housed tons of personality exams. I also got interested in Kokology for a while.

All of these things point to one of my major strengths, Intrapersonal Intelligence (90%). The report said that I am born introspective. I love observing my own thoughts and feelings, as well as making sense out of them.

What made me more interested about the report is that it also said that Interpersonal Intelligence (90%) is also my major strength. This made both Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Intelligences hold the top spot.

When I saw this, I was brought to brief episodes of my life when I used to say to my friends that I am an introvert. None of them believed it. They always say I’m an extrovert.

Finally, Enycligent revealed to me that I am both.

4. Why it was alright when I daydreamed of taking music seriously in the past despite others thinking that I was just plain directionless

I have always loved to sing. I was a choir boy ever since I was in the kindergarten. Until now, I still serve as a worship singer in our church.

In the past, I almost took music seriously as a career. I was able to pass the first phase of the auditions as a member of the Ryan Cayabyab Singers. Eventually, I failed to make it to the final cut and decided to pursue my scholarship in Shanghai, China, which I planned to let go that time, if I will be able to pass the auditions.

For me, it was never an easy feat. To be assessed by one of the most accomplished musicians in the Philippines is a chance any Filipino singer – especially me who doesn’t have a formal training in music – will grab.

Passing the first phase and being given the role of Javert of Les Miserables by no less than Maestro Ryan Cayabyab himself is something that I consider not just a great, but a windfall achievement.

Others think that I was just directionless. They say I only grab any opportunity that comes my way. I sucked all these words in. But when I finally took the Encycligent test, I felt redeemed.

Music is one of the career recommendations of Encycligent for me, aside from Business, Entrepreneurship, Psychology and Writing. I have relatively high Musical Intelligence (60%).

Then, I realized that it was untrue that I just grab any opportunity that comes my way. I found out that all of those decisions to grab opportunities were, in fact, subconsciously prepared. Deep inside me, I know that I am drawn to my own strengths and that’s why it was never difficult pursuing them when opportunities to do so come.

5. Why I love blogging

Before I founded my own digital marketing agency, I started out as a blogger. I blog because of my love for writing. Writing is a career recommended to me by Encycligent. Aside from high Intrapersonal Intelligence, I also have high Linguistic Intelligence (70%). This is why deciding to become a blogger was never a difficult decision.

Furthermore, because of my high Interpersonal Intelligence, creating relationships with other people was also very natural for me. The relationships I have formed with other bloggers within the online community helped me in achieving my dream of becoming a digital marketing professional.

I’d like to thank Encycligent for taking DMIT to the Philippines. Indeed, finding out one’s own strengths is everybody’s business. If we know our strengths, we know what we should focus on. The sooner that we know about our strengths, the sooner we can achieve success.

Encycligent does not only assess the 8 innate multiple intelligences of a person, but the 16. Below is the list of the 16 innate multiple intelligences.

  • Interpersonal
  • Planning and Judgement
  • Intrapersonal
  • Creation and Imagination
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Spatial and Mental Image
  • Language Expression
  • Kinesthetic 
  • Operation 
  • Artistic
  • Language Internalization
  • Music Appreciation
  • Observation
  • Image Appreciation
  • Concentration
  • EQ

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