Monday, December 16, 2013

My 5 Best Moments During The SYKES Year-End Celebration 2013

Interviewing Mr. Dean Van Ormer -- VP for Philippine
Operations of SYKES
I am very fortunate to be invited yesterday as a blogger to cover what could have been the most anticipated annual gathering of SYKES employees -- the SYKES Year-End Celebration. It was fun. Full of music. Food was great. And the vibe of the SYKES people is remarkable. Below are some of the best moments that I gathered yesterday during the event.

1. My quick chat with Rica. Rica is a PR Office of SYKES. She was very warm and hospitable the entire night that we were there. When I got a chance to chat with her, she told me something that became one of the biggest surprises for me during the event.

I know about SYKES for quite some time but I never knew that they were serving Fortune 500 clients, until Rica told me. 

I wasn’t able to get over that revelation for a while. First, I became proud of myself as a Filipino -- for I know that thousands of my people are actually being outsourced to serve some of the biggest corporations abroad. It wasn’t just a small feat and SYKES, definitely, isn’t just any other BPO company. 

Ms. Armi Mallare of Up Dharma Down
Second, it speaks of the qualifications of the SYKES employees. Rica told me that SYKES employees are highly qualified. They should be, I thought to myself. If not, they might not be able to cope to the requirements of serving the clients of the Fortune 500 companies that they are connected with.

To top our conversation off, Rica told me that the year-end celebration is truly the most anticipated event by SYKES employees for the entire year. This is the company’s way of giving back to the employees who are the real drivers of their growth and operations. When she said, that I knew that I will have really great time that night.

2. The huddle with Mr. Van Ormer. Mr. Dean Van Ormer is the Vice President for Philippine Operations of SYKES. He had been living in the Philippines for more than 10 years. I really appreciated it when he said, “What I love about SYKESers is your passion. You have always shown great passion in and out of work. That is why we had such a great 2013. This year, we have shown the industry why we are the pioneer in the call center industry.”

I really look up to leaders who know how to honor their employees. These leaders understand full well that the success of the company depend not only on themselves but most importantly on the collective efforts of the employees working under them. I believe that this is what separates good leaders from the great ones. I believe that they should be strong enough to lead and humble enough to honor the people under them. I believe Mr. Van Ormer has both. I saw this in the way he spoke on stage as well as in the way he welcomed us for a quick huddle with him outside the venue. May more business leaders learn from him.
One of the art installations created by the talented
SYKES employees

3. Up Dharma Down. Okay, I’m a little biased with this one. I never liked loud music that much. I prefer my music to be quiet and soulful. But Armi Mallare of Up Dharma Down had done something different to me. Her music is truthful and full of passion. She made me listen to her. And I am very glad that she was on stage yesterday during the SYKES Year-End Celebration. For me, this is really one of the best highlights of the night -- aside from the really good food, of course. I must admit that.

4. The overflow of talents. Okay, before the Armi Mallari moment, there were two bands who played. And I thought these are really great bands. I even commended the singing ability of the female lead singer who sang during the first act. She sang Titanium and she was able to belt out those high notes. Very professional she is, I thought to myself. Then I found out that she is a current employee of SYKES.


This year's party for SYKES is inspired by the Coachella
event from the United States 
That left me in shambles. Unbelievable! She was very talented and there wasn’t a hint on her that she works on a graveyard shift. Her vocal cords intact and her notes in place. Her band mates are also equally admirable. When I saw them perform, it gave me quite a good impression about the people who are working at SYKES and also about SYKES itself -- for it is the kind company that supports the passions of its people.

Oh by the way, there were art installations too that were exhibited before everything started. It showcased the creativity and the ingenuity of the employees. I won’t forget my favorite entry among the four art installations that were displayed there. It stood out in the dark. Truly, SYKES such as remarkable company.

5. The SYKES vibe. Overall, it was a great party and a great discovery for me. The SYKES folks are truly an amazing crowd from the way they cheered on for their favorite bands to the way they enjoyed the night together -- outside work. Near my house is one of the SYKES offices -- the one located at Gilmore LRT station. I know that when I pass by that site again, it will bring back all those good vibes that the SYKES Year-End Celebration 2013 had brought me.

Way to go SYKES!

To know more about SYKES, please visit their website and Facebook page.


  1. It was indeed a great party that night. Everyone was having fun and enjoying the moment.

    I congratulate Sykes for the sustained competitiveness in the BPO industry. Wish they could keep it up and expand further in the future.

    Glad to meet you personally at the event Sir Mark :)

    1. Wow! It's more of my honor to have finally met you Albert! Way to go in your blogging ha. God bless! :))