Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why Men Love To Wear Plain White Shirts?

My favorite outfit is composed of jeans, boat
shoes, dog tag and just a plain white shirt.
Let me get this blog post across plain and simple. I love plain white shirts. Every man does, I think. And here are the probable reasons why.

1. Simplicity is (really) beauty. 

I, myself, am a big fan of simplicity. It goes from the way I do things all the way down to the things that I wear. There was a time when I took a project to become a marketing assistant for a male fashion brand that I really like. Being exposed to many patterns and colors of the clothes that I market every day, I decided to just wear a plain white shirt at the office. It worked out just fine. Until this day, I still keep a set of plain white shirts inside my cabinet.

2. It’s (supposedly) more affordable.

Unless you’re unnecessarily sporting for some big brands, buying plain white shirts shouldn’t be burning your cash. Since these items are very basic, they’re supposedly more available and more affordable.

3. It’s very practical. Plain white shirts are great by themselves or as undershirts. I wear them for sleeping too. Whenever I run out of ideas of what to wear on any casual day, I just go for a plain white shirt, jeans, boat shoes and dog tag for accessories. It works all the time for me.

4. It’s a must-have for every man. 

Why I think so? Let these brothers do the talking for you.

Chris Hemsworth
Robert Pattinson

Taylor Lautner

Channing Tatum
Liam Hemsworth

Tom Hiddleston

This list won't be complete without the man
who started it all -- James Dean.

5. It’s very easy to maintain. Unlike shirts with prints and colors, plain white shirts are very easy to wash and press. I am so glad that I have met this product called Perwoll Brilliant White Liquid Detergent. When I was living in Shanghai back in 2010, I remember that Shanghainese seldom use detergent bars or powders in washing their clothes. There are not much detergent bars and powders in the market. This led me to using liquid detergents, which are seldom used in the Philippines, on the other hand.

But I was amazed by this product. Not only that it’s German-made (a symbol of quality). It’s also created specifically to take care of my favorite plain white shirts. It says in the label that it has this Re-new White Effect that smoothes the fibers of the clothes while improving the light reflection of “grayed” and “yellowed” white clothes. It does this all without a drop of bleaching agent in it. This gave me the assurance that my favorite plain white shirts will stay with me for long.

If you’d like to find out more about this product, you may visit their website at Check out their social media accounts too on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Did I say I'll just get this blog post across plain and simple?


  1. i think men looks more decent in plain shirts.

    1. Haha! Thanks for dropping by tear away. :)) yes indeed. As shown by the many male celebs who posed this year with only white shirts on them. Its decent and simple but also stylish. Classic! :))

  2. Sir, Nice collections of white shirts, you are right, plain white shirts are great, plain white shirt, jeans, boat shoes and dog tag for accessories looks good. S!R Mens Wear