Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why is the Next Big Thing in the Philippines?

2014 is just around the corner and I believe it’s time for us to do some tweaking on our reliable online shops list in the Philippines. I love digital stuff and it is something that would make my day difficult to get by without them. More and more people are engaging to different social media platforms every single day for the purpose of self-expression, networking and mere communicating with their loved ones. And with this kind of lifestyle, we need compact, accessible and updated gadgets to maximize our daily social media engagements. How do we really keep up “digitally” without breaking our piggy banks? I have an answer to that:


BIDIT Philippines is the newest craze in the country when it comes to online shopping with a twist. I have listed the reasons why people are raving about

1. Economical

Cheap is the not word. It’s economical. True to’s promise, every gizmo found on their site is under P100. Photos of previous winners have its own portion on the site together with their bidding experience testimonials. One winner won an audio system with a bid of P0.32! Another winner just used her free bids to get her very own Canon Power Shot digital camera. A shopper can definitely have a gadget on his wish list for a tiny fraction of the actual retail price. Here are more testimonials from some of the winners.

2. Advanced has the most advanced auction system in the world. It is designed to entertain and challenge its bidders/shoppers within a safe, user-friendly and fraud-free shopping environment. It may be the most advanced but it still ensures a personal touch vibe by meticulously handpicking all the high-quality products being given away.

3. Interactive

Not only does give chances to its bidders to own their most-coveted gadgets at a very low cost but it also created an option where the bidders can use a Bidjin (genie) avatar closest to their personalities. Bidjin Lore aims to reach out to the bidders more so they would feel “at home” while on the website. The Bidjins to choose from are John Doe, Jacko, Jini Papa, Selene, Manny and several others that are yet to be discovered.

I hope that you could give this new exciting website a shot. For the new year, let's do something new and try!

For more information, please check out their website and Facebook Page.

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