Thursday, September 26, 2013

3 Reasons To Like the Ivi Premium Moisturizing Body Wash

How I brought myself to using this product in purple packaging?

Here’s the truth. Guys were used to just using just any product. I mean, in the past, there are really no shampoos and soaps for men, only for women. It was only recently that these products came out and before they did, guys were just accustomed to using what women bought in the supermarkets.

Ivi premium moisturizing body wash japan product reviewI use Pantene and, sometimes, my sister’s Neutrogena facial wash. I really have no problem using these “female” products and I don’t think using such (except for clothes, perfumes and other products that are really supposed to be for men) will reduce someone’s masculinity.

So I tried this new body wash by Ivi and from the guy’s point of view, here’s a short review of the product.

Listen, men.

1. Silky feeling after a few hours, you don’t need to lotion.

When I first used the body, it was last night. Now, the morning after that, I was impressed upon feeling my own skin. What I like about moisturizing products is that you can really test their effects after a few days but Ivi stood out by having its effect felt even during the morning after.

I had been using Oilatum soap for my face for years and I believe in moisturizing someone’s skin especially if you’re living in tropical countries like the Philippines. I am glad that I have found something that will compliment Oilatum for my body.

2. Leaves squeaky-clean after-bath feeling.

So we used to have this famous moisturizing body soap at home. I like it, only that, after taking a bath, I can still feel it’s “soapy” feeling that makes me think I wasn't able to rinse my body very well with water. This means, I will be rinsing my body over and over again like crazy just to remove that I-still-have-soap-on-my-skin feeling.

After a while, I came to somehow understand that maybe that's what really the product is and maybe people like it for exactly what it is. But not for me. And I know that Filipinos still like that squeaky-clean feeling after taking a bath.

Ivi did just that. After taking a bath, I was very surprised that it did not leave that similar feeling this popular moisturizing body soap my parents used to buy for the house.

Oh by the way, perhaps, Ivi understands the Asian skin more. Ivi is made from Japan and speaking of moisturizing, it contains hydrolyzed marine collagen, CoQ10, Vitamin E anti-oxidants and Olive Oil. Having all those ingredients in mind, we’re not just talking about moisturization. We're talking about supreme moisturization.

3. Mild scent.  

I like Ivi’s mild scent. It’s not too strong. It’s not too light. Just right. This means that even though it’s a product for women, men can still use it without smelling like their girlfriends, mothers and wives after taking a bath.

Ivi Premium Moisturizing Body Wash is two thumbs up!

Ivi Premium Moisturizing Body Wash and other Ivi products are available in Mercury Drug and Watson's outlets. To know more about Ivi, please visit their website and Facebook page.

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