Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Subic's Tree Top Adventure

Our Subic Tree Top Adventure last month is undeniably one of the most physically and emotionally demanding activities we have ever experienced (next to the roller coaster).

For a moment, we were breakers of the Law of Gravity.

We soared!

We flew!

We fell!


Ahem. With rappel ropes and safety locks of course.

We highly recommend Subic's Tree Top Adventure to the Superman-wannabes and even to the Altophobics alike. If you fear heights and falling from a high place, it's time to muster all the courage you have and give this adventure a shot!

From Manila, it is about 2 to 3 hour road trip to Zambales.

Manila to Subic, ETD 9:00 ETA 11:00 

Subic is serene!

There are pine trees beside the road. Look!

Yachts parked nearby.

And the beach on Boardwalk! That's our first stop.

That weekend of ours was perfected by the presence of the sands under our feet and of the saline smell of the breeze from the sea.

Over there is the Lighthouse.

Salu-salo style for lunch!

Pure bliss.

Who would have thought we have plans of shouting our lungs out that day?


Go Rachi and Sinag!

Good thing the Tree Top Adventure team is highly committed to the safety of all the adventurers.

Here are the simple steps and procedures. Very organized.

Step 1: Briefing
(Read: You have time to back out.)

Step 2: Cashier
(Read: This may help you decide. Have you seen our special packages?)

Step 3: Tickets & Waiver
(Read: Are you sure about this?)

Step 4: Wait for your number to be called.
(Read: It won't be long. Any parting words? Haha. Kidding.)

Step 5: Gear Up & Enjoy the Ride
(Read: Woooohoooo!)

Superman Ride PhP200 per person


Silver Surfer PhP250 per person


Tree Drop Adventure PhP150 per person

Around a few minutes earlier this courageous adventurer was struggling for her "life".

Until she finally gave in and blag!

Dropped quite successfully.

Enjoy Tree Top Adventure in Subic located at Jest Area Upper Mau Cubi Point, Subic Bay Freeport Zone! Click here to visit their cool website too and view their rates and other customized packages.

Let's end this post with a gentle reminder from Bobby McLeod.

Happy flying, folks!


  1. wow! nice stuff you got here, especially the driver's seat and the flying part!

    we should do this again!

  2. @sinagshine

    Hi Shine! Yes. We should do that again. Or maybe iba naman? Saan sunod natin Shine? :)

  3. zipline ulit, sa cagayan de oro naman!

  4. Whoa! What a happy travel tour is this? How I wish to visit in this place on this coming summer.

    -----> Greg @ travel Philippines