Monday, March 21, 2011

Kashmir Restaurant: Going Indian for dinner

Last night, I finally met Gian's colleagues at the new company he is working in. A global joblisting website company that has 54 operations all around the world. It's like Jobstreet, yes, where I got my current job from, thank you very much, only that this one's global. And Gian was all boastful of all the software and systems they were using from as simple as creating an Individual Development Plan to some Database Management System for client listings and what's-it's.

The guys were so cool and nice. They were from India and heaven knows how much I want to see the Taj Mahal and witness an Indian wedding like the one I saw in the Eat Pray Love movie. So that night, after a quick chat with them and for wanting to congratulate Gian for having a new job, off we went to Manila's Best Keep Restaurant Secrets 2011's Best Indian Restaurant.


Going inside the restaurant, I observed Kashmir was a silent Indian restaurant.

No sounds No Jai Hos. No loud chats. Everyone's as if busy eating or observing around. The only loudest sound you will hear is from the distant table with more than a dozen heads chatting merrily with each other. But it wasn't that loud at all. We later on discovered that one of the ladies seated on that table is Vice President Binay's wife. That explained the presence of the two (Vice) Presidential Guards outside.

Anyhoo, we decided to try Papad with Masala, Chicken Tikka Masala and Chawai.

Here's Papad with Masala.

Waiter said these are toasted, crispy and flat lentil wafers rolled and pressed with mild spices. I say, they are oversized Taquitos garnished with tomatoes, onions and lots of hot and angry chili powder. Not bad though.

Green and Mango Chatnee. For the Taquitos.  Or Papad. Hihi.

As soon as I felt my tongue burning, I rushed out immediately to buy my favorite antidote for brunt tongue. Menthol candy. Works for me! Swear!

After that, we were braver than ever and didn't hesitate to try this red orange dish served in front of us.

Chicken Tikka Masala. A variety of what commonly know as Chicken Curry.

You can choose from the level of spiciness. Mild. Medium. Or Tongue-Burning Hotness.

Chawai means white rice. It's good for two. Like most of the dishes in Kashmir.

Kashmir is highly recommend for folks who love spicy dishes or peeps who just simply wanna try some Indian dishes for a change.

Kashmir is named as the oldest fine dining Indian restaurant in Manila.

The branch nearest in Makati is near Greenbelt. Located at 816 Aranaiz Avenue (or Pasay Road). Other branches are in Ermita and Rustan's Supermarket in Makati (Food Bar only). They have a website.

Congratulations, Gian!