Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chewy Junior: For folks who like it chewy

With the mouth-watering looks of Chewy Junior's puffs and the warm smiles of its storekeepers, we went gaga over the free samples they were giving away a couple of weeks ago and eventually bought myself and Gian of The Flip Guide a puff each during our last visit at the Chewy Junior's store at Greenbelt.

Free taste!

And here too!

How in this Power Puff World will we be able to resist the charms of these puffs and the charms of the storekeepers wearing cute orange polo shirts, black aprons and caps? I really appreciate it.

Uhm. Can we take a look at the puffs one by one? Take your pick.

Chocolate Madness. Rawr! I'm feeling mad right now that I'm stuck in front of my laptop blogging and fighting off this cravings.

Isa pa 'to. Strawberry Cream Cheese, everybody. Strawberry Cream Cheese! Awesome.

Almond Sweetheart! Oh no. This one's got some crunch in it to give some contrast in the texture.

OK. Move over, run-of-the-mill ensaymadas. Here comes Chewy Junior's Chewy Ensaymada. Yummy!

Cookies and Cream. Enough said. I love it.

Blueberry Cream Cheese. Good heavens. Do they really have to look beautiful in pictures?

Cheese Lover. We saw there's just three left when we came. Can this be their bestseller?

Chewy Original. There you go. The classic one.

Guess what's my pick????


Chocolate Almond Crunch. Yes. I gave in to the goodness of its chocolate, chewy bread and its crunchy almond that night. I didn't regret my decision.

I became an instant fan.

Chewy Junior's puffs cost PhP45.00 each. Their branch is located at Greenbelt 3. It's in the arcade beside the Cold Rock Ice Creamery.

Enjoy chewing!

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