Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lookbook #1: Beside the Shrieking Shack


I have recently found time to dig the clothes inside my closet I haven't seen for about eight months. I found some pullovers, hoodies, more pullovers, more hoodies and some gloves. I arrived in China last 2010 at the tail-end of winter (February) and I wasn't surprised at all with the kind of clothes I had stored. Being in the Philippines, I temporarily shunned those clothes out of my mind since winter is not a season in the Philippines.

And then I found this cute hoodie that I used to wear in Shanghai with about two to three shirts (or thermals) underneath during the start of the Spring there. I like it for its whiteness and the freshness of the letters printed on it.

I put it on (without the necessary layers of warmers underneath), paired it with a jeans and my long-kept brown Sebago shoes I haven't worn since the lace got broken. Good thing I had it hangman-knotted by Gian (See picture below). 

The Hangman Knot

I have no intentions of having another Lookbook shot that day but when I found inspiration beside an old shack near Gian's house last Saturday- bam!

You may visit my Lookbook page. Click here.

1. White favorite hoodie.
2. Old Jag jeans.
3. Brown Sebago shoes.

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