Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lookbook #2: The Extinguished


Rainy season is here and the air is quite cool. When I visited the Enterprise Tower last week I saw a lot of stylish guys wearing sleek pullovers. And then I thought of my previous Lookbook shot I had from my previous work office at Dean & Trent, a Manila-based menswear company.

DC and I were just trying to be cool that day and thought of taking a few shots with his camera for a style blog post. Trying to be out-of-the-box I held this fire extinguisher peacefully situated at the corner near the entrance and then voila- we got this shot. The Extinguished. Well, uhm, inspired by the fire extinguisher.

Pullovers rock!

1. Esprit pullover.
2. White shirt.
3. Black jeans.
4. Sebago shoes.

You may see my Lookbook page here.


  1. Cool fashion. I might try this Esprit pullovers. Thanks.

  2. I like the top. What's the material?

    BTW, am a fan of D&T. Love the lightweight knits! :)

  3. Hi Lost Boy! I think the top is made of combed cotton. :)

    Wow! I worked for D&T for nearly five months. Nice to hear that you're a fan! :)