Monday, June 27, 2011

Top 5 Reasons Why North Park is Our Ultimate Chinese Restaurant

I love North Park! And I don't just have five reasons- I have more. Every experience at North Park is just incredible. My first eat at North Park is during my first job when my first boss treated me for lunch. He was surprised that I haven't been to this restaurant and told me, "You haven't discovered yet the goodness of Chinese eating."

Anyhoo, another branch opened up beside Araneta Coliseum just recently. I was so happy. Finally, the goodness of my Chinoy comfort food is drawing nearer to home. So the first time I saw the new branch, I never had any second thoughts to enter and relive my reasons why North Park is my ultimate Chinese Restaurant.

Here they are. Ready?

1. Menu + Place Mat. I'm talking about how smart is the idea to have place mats as menus and menus as place mats in North Park and placing everything in there that the customers need to know about the restaurant- including the name of the dishes, the prices, the contact information, the other branches and other announcements. It was cute and intelligent all at the same time. No more waiting for the waiter to hand you the menus. No more asking the on-duty supervisor on how to contact North Park in the future. Everything you need to know is printed on that menu-slash-place-mat. Had I also mentioned that North Park dishes are very affordable?

2. Nice Crew Get-up. North Park serves Cantonese dishes but its attack is unlike any other Chinese restaurants you have entered into. They veered away from placing pictures of Buddha, Chinese calligraphy and etc. Instead, what you have is a very modern-looking and cool restaurant that serves Chinese food. I really like the crew's get-up.The top and the bottom is made of denim. And then there's a yellow bandanna for the head instead of the usual hairnets and caps. Stylish, huh?

3. Siopao. I had never grown tired of eating siopao. It has been my all-time favorite Chinese dimsum ever since I was a kid. I like it for its soft white texture outside and the pleasant surprise inside. I love the siopao sauce very much too! In fact, any eating that requires putting a sauce on the food or dipping the food on a sauce excites me. So siopao is my all-time favorite Chinese dimsum. And North Park has one of the best Asado Siopao in the entire universe. The one's that I have eaten in China are very good too. But the asado filling tasted very different in China. I think they put too much star anise in there. But in the Philippines, asado is just gloriously delicious and extra sweet. North Park's Asado Siopao is a must-try!

4. Siomai. North Park's siomais are really chunky. I like dipping 'em on soy sauce with calamansi and chili sauce. I can say that I'm craving for this one right now while writing this blog.

5. The North Park Ultimate Noodles. Literally with everything on it! Beef, dimsum. shrimp, pork, crab, mushroom, vegetables and etc. Frankly speaking I'm not even a bit of a fan of noodles let alone the idea of a food that tries to be the everything for everybody like Shabu-shabu, but this one! I don't know what North Park did to make this noodle challenge my prejudice against noodles. It tasted beautiful and it looked beautiful  as it was placed in an extra heavy stoneware bowl that added more to the presentation. It's good for two already and it only costs around PhP238.00. Get this ultimate one on your next visit to North Park!


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  1. I love North Park too! Their Market Market branch is a stone's throw away from my workplace, so it's pretty convenient. We sometimes just have the food delivered, when we're too lazy to walk over to their resto. Either way, it's still a heavenly dining experience.

  2. Hi Pepperrific! You are very lucky indeed. But does North Park deliver on time? Thanks for sharin' your thoughts. =)

  3. Elow there mark! :) this is yummy! my tummy's growling now.. hehe Im not a big fan of Chinese food but this one its a must try! so sad no North Park resto here in Davao City :( but if I have a chance going luzon, I must gonna try it :P Godbless you take care :)