Friday, April 20, 2012

Chef Hasset's Top 5 Favorite Desserts

So what’s your favorite dessert?

We can’t help but ask this burning question to Chef Hasset Go- undoubtedly one the youngest and one of the most awarded pastry chefs in the country.

I’d say we never expected his answers. While we imagine highly complicated desserts and ultra expensive chocolates in our minds, Chef Hasset gave us answers that left us all in awe and lost for words.

Instead of expensive cakes and pastries, Chef Hasset gave us for answers ordinary desserts that we can practically find anywhere in the Philippines- something that continually reminded him of what used to be back in his hometown.

And so, ladies and gents, presenting Chef Hasset Go’s Top 5 Favorite Desserts!

Favorite Dessert #1: Leche Flan

Is this all-time Filipino dessert part of your list too? Chef Hasset confesses that this is on top of his list. Leche Flan, as we all know it, is a custard dessert with caramel syrup. It’s made of egg yolks, milk and sugar and is widely eaten throughout the world.
"Halayang Ube"
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Favorite Dessert #2: Halayang Ube

Now this got me nodding at Chef Hasset Go. Definitely, Halayang Ube is on my list too. Halayang Ube is a kind of jam made of purple yams that were boiled altogether with milk, coconut milk, sugar and for some, vanilla. My favorite Halayang Ube are the ones that can be bought in Baguio- made by Golden Shepherd.

Favorite Dessert #3: Buriki

Wow! Too bad we can’t find a photo of this one over the internet but Chef Hasset said that this one is a native dessert in Mindanao. It’s a kind of kakanin that is shaped into a thin saucer topped with some latik or caramelized coconut. (Please, if anyone of you have a picture of this yummy native dessert, please do send our team at once. Thank you.)

Favorite Dessert #4: Bolanghoy

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In our province in Batangas, we call this one balinghoy. In some areas it is also known as kamoteng kahoy. In Mindanao, Chef Hasset Go said they used to call it bolanghoy. This goody made of grated cassavas  were being steamed and topped with bukayo or sugared coconut.

Favorite Dessert #5: Nilupak

Nilupak sounds familiar but I realized me and my teammates haven’t eaten one yet. Nilupak is made of mashed saba banana mixed with grated coconut. Yum! We should be knowing where to get some of these right? Or better yet ask Chef Hasset to make some for us?

There you have them all- Chef Hasset Go’s Top 5 Favorite Desserts!

Were you as surprised- even a bit?

Chef Hasset Go may be widely known as a chef who creates mouth-watering cakes and yummy-tasting pastries, but his personal taste is very much Filipino.

I can’t wait for the time that he’ll be able to incorporate his love for native Filipino desserts into his future creations! I have a gut feel that this is going to be a great idea!

Good luck, Chef Hasset!

-Mediactiv8 Team

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  1. kapag gumawa si mommy ng halayang ube, bigyan kita.. made from ube talga yun..:) haha hirap nga lang gawin kasi nakakangalay.. tinutulungan ko kasi sya pag gumagawa nian..