Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Welcome Message

Dear friends, bakers and countrymen,

Welcome to Chef Hasset!

This blog is an online resource of everything about Chef Hasset Go- his life as a pastry chef, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, culinary school instructor and even a bit about his personal life!

Through this blog, Chef Hasset Go would like to share his tips to everybody (baker or not, young or young-at-heart) on topics such as baking and starting one’s own business to following one’s passion and becoming a successful entrepreneur!

Join us as we discover more about this young chef from Mindanao who at the young age of 23 had already started his own business and how he triumphed over all his trials and finally become a locally and internationally recognized chef that he is now.

We hope that you enjoy your journey with us as we start our work of sending you, through this blog, inspiring stories and exciting treats- straight from the Sweets Master’s kitchen!

-Mediactiv8 Team


  1. Congrats chef hassef go on your blog.:-)

    1. Hi Francis! In behalf of Chef Hasset Go, I'd like to thank you for being the first to place a comment on this blog! I hope you can share this blog to your friends too who would be interested in all the works of Chef Hasset. Have a blessed Holy Week to you. :)

  2. I dont really know how i came to know chef go or i got connected to him by instagram,anyway,i have come accross medchef when i went to fetch my cousin who work at abs...the small, but dignified stall caught my cousin said it was new and have good products...that was last daily update with instagram goes hand in hand with an update fr chef go.gosh so young a chef just the age of my two are admirable young people,hardworking.i always admire young enterpreneurs as i started young a cake artist who works with cake art,caricatures with might be interested to expand. ?.....congratulations.....