Thursday, February 16, 2012

Apples & Almonds Cupcakes

Hear ye! Hear yea! Cupcake lovers! There's a new sweetie in town.

(Drum roll here.)

Apple & Cinnamon and Banoffee! Perfect for Valentine's or anytime. =)

Up above are the delicious cupcakes made by Apples & Almonds. I am so proud 'coz it's made by a senior from college and it's nice to know that she actually ventured to this kind of business which I am such a big fan of-- sweets!

Almond & Maple, Banoffee and Apple Cinnamon flavors. Yum!

There are actually four variants under the Apples & Almonds brand. They got Choco n' Smore, Almond & Maple, Apple & Cinnamon and Banoffee! They specialize in fruit and dessert cupcake selection. It's just like eating your favorite cakes and fruits in handy cupcake form you know? So yummy!

Aside from being tasty and sweet, each cupcake is sold for only Php60 per piece only! (Seriously. You'll never go wrong with homemade cupcakes and they're priced like your neighbors with the maker too.)

If you buy a box of 12, you'll get it for only Php700. (Around Php24 in savings!)

Apples & Almonds come in cute boxes too!

The cupcakes come in cute boxes! By singles or by 6's.

To get your Apples & Almonds cupcakes, please contact:
Mobile: 0917-9826219

*Minimum order of is required & to ensure the high quality of the cupcakes, please observe 2-3 days lead time prior to delivery.

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