Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Shanghai Photo Diary (Part 2: The City Tour)

My Shanghai Visual Diary is a collection of photos I took during my half-year stay in a beautiful city in Mainland China. The beautiful city is often called the "Paris of the East" and I spent many days of freedom, friendship and happiness in there. This photo collection is my gratitude to everyone who made that experience for us everlasting and unforgettable.

Part 2 is about our first city tour.

Good morning! Morning starts right when I have a glimpse of the beautiful Wudong Lu. Across our dormitory in Fudan University is another university called Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. 

Our first stop is Pudong. And behind us is the infamous Oriental Pearl TV Tower which is quite the top of the mind iconic structure when Shanghai is the topic. Oriental Pearl TV Tower is third tallest TV and radio tower in the world.

Some of my co-scholars- Diana, Eds, Lani, Renee and Kuya Ritchie.

A photo with my co-fur loving friend, Sol.

That's Sol and Christine posing with a sweetened sour plum vendor.

Shanghai has an advanced urban planning system. They have really cool underground parking spaces for vehicles. 
A photo with our Chinese tour guide on that day.

Since I'm a very friendly waiguoren (Chinese for foreigner), I decided to take a picture with some locals in the park.
Oh yeah! There got to be a mood shot in here or somewhere. (#^  ^) The Oriental TV Tower looked amazing from afar.

Our next stop is Yu Yuan Gong Yuan which is filled with bustling crowd at that time. It was filled with many colorful lamps, posters and life-sized dolls too! We came there last February and the spirit of the Chinese New Year is still in the air. I managed to take a picture in the middle of the crowd. This is an achievement!

Age is having fun with the bubbles.

The ancient art of Chinese peep show is still alive in Shanghai. In this three minute show, the audience will have to peep in a hole while the show master narrate. It looked fun but I was too shy to try because I might not understand. (Read: My Basic Mandarin Chinese might not be enough to understand the whole show.)

We endured the long line over here just to get a serving of the infamous Xiao Long Bao in Yu Yuan Garden. Xiao Long Bao are buns steamed in bamboo baskets with soup and meat filling! Eating Xiao Long Bao is an amazing experience!

They serve Xiao Long Baos in paper plates with vinegar. Delicious!

The Xiao Long Bao makers in Yu Yuan Garden never stopped creating Xiao Long Baos that day. It sold like pancakes!

Our last stop that day is the People's Square. True to its name, the People's Square is filled with many people more than anywhere else in Shanghai. The People's Square is the home of countless shops, restaurants, spa houses and other business establishments. My favorite store at the People's Square is the Hershey's Chocolate World. They serve the best and authentic Hershey's Chocolate Sundae there!
It's so heartwarming to see (a) the super cute Chinese children and (b) their doting fathers. Both abound in China.

A lot of people in Shanghai are fash-yown fash-yown!

This is a typical man-drawn carriage from Shanghai. I'm so glad they never use this thing anymore.

Some vintage cars are just parked in the People's Square in Shanghai just like that.

Look what we found in the middle of the People's Square! It's the Wow! Philippines campaign wrapped in a roaming train within the People's Square. It's amazing! 

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