Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wolverine No More: A Saturday Salon Story

Saturday is self-grooming day.

Yes. A much-needed self-grooming day for that matter as I intentionally grew my hair and stubble to portray Wolverine of X-Men for our company's Christmas party yesterday.

So I went to my favorite Bench Fix Salon in Telus Bldg. in Cubao earlier. Let's see again how it went.

Step 1: Shampoo

Just a random thought. I think that building loyalty with a single salon branch is important. If you take some efforts to build a good relationship with your stylist and the people in the salon, you'll reap the rewards. Like when I enter the Telus branch, I can be sure that I will be greeted with a big smile by the receptionist. Positive vibes goes a long way. 
Step 2: The Clippers

That's Gina, one of the friendly Stylist Assistants at Bench Fix Telus. She's the one responsible for shampooing and towel-drying my hair as well as getting those clips intact on my head, among other things. She's really nice. 

Step 3: The "Mane" Event 

Sam is my favorite stylist. In fact, I've already met Sam in a different salon before I went to study in China for a semester. When I went back to China and discovered that he's not working for that salon anymore, I lost my appetite for it and decided to look for a new one. 

Then I found Sam in Bench Fix Telus. Lo and behold.

Step 4: Re-shampoo, Shave and Blow-dry

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Almost done! Sam will cut some parts and add volume to my hair for the polishing stage. He'll normally ask me if I want it waxed or as is. 

And normally, I'll say yes to the wax. Heaven knows how much I try to do it on my own hair everyday but it's really different when someone else is doing it for you. Thank God for you, Sam.

And I'm Wolverine no more. Yehey! Thanks Bench Fix Telus!

Catch Sam everyday except Tuesday (his day-off) at Bench Fix Telus located at G/F Tower Telus Bldg., Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. You may call them at (02) 709-2140 or at 0910-2640-931. You may also visit the Bench Fix website here

Happy grooming, folks!

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